Points System

Goal of the Point System: To help ensure that members attend meetings on a regular basis and are active within the organization. On the basis of cords, members who have proven to be active and accumulated the required amount of points will be eligible for a cord during the semester they graduate.

Points System
Application Turned in By October 14th    05
General Meetings    10
Recruit a Member    10
Attend Guest Speaker Events    10
Non-meeting AMA Events    15
SOMQuest  15
Actively Work On Small Project 10
Community Service/Volunteer  25
Attend National Conference    25
SOM WelcomeFest Volunteer    10
Buy a T-Shirt    10
Wear T-Shirt to a meeting/event    05



  • Every member must accumulate 50 points per semester or 100 points per year from the date they join AMA in order to be considered an active member.
  • Points cannot be rolled over from previous semesters.

If you join AMA before your senior year:
  1. You must accumulate the required 50 points per semester or 100 points per year until the semester you graduate.
  2. These dedicated AMA members only have to earn 45 points the semester you graduate in order to receive a cord.
  3. You must be a paid member.

If you join AMA the semester you graduate:
  1. You must accumulate 100 points to receive a cord and be considered an active member.
  2. You must be a paid member.

Lastly, members will be eligible for awards associated with the amount of points they accumulate per month, semester and year. Some awards may include gift certificates, movie passes, etc.

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