Members in Good Standing List

Active members at the end of each semester will be placed on the Members in Good Standing list. The terms defining how to achieve the merit of good standing are described below.

Beta Alpha Psi maintains close working relationships with many prestigious local and national firms.  The members in good standing list will be sent to many of the recruiters of these firms, who have expressed interest in our chapter and its members.

Pledges in Good Standing

Beta Alpha Psi pledges must be in good standing during the pledging process to be initiated as a member.  This requirement is stated in the by-laws of Beta Alpha Psi.

Pledges in good standing are reported along with members on the members in good standing list.  The terms for achieving this merit for a pledge are identical to those for a member.

Terms for Good Standing Status

To achieve good standing status, a member or pledge must participate in 20 hours of professional and service activities.  There is a minimum requirement of 8 hours for professional activities and 8 hours for service activity.  After fulfilling the minimum requirements for each category, an additional 4 hours of participation can be from either category to reach the 20 hour total.

For each hour of participation in a Beta Alpha Psi professional or service activity, an hour may be submitted for participation in an organization other than Beta Alpha Psi (Non-BAP Service/Professional Credit Form)

For questions on whether an activity can be submitted for participation outside Beta Alpha Psi please send an email to with a description of the activity.