How to Join Beta Gamma Sigma

If you are eligible for membership, you will receive a membership invitation packet (either hand delivered to you or mailed to you). Once you receive your packet, you can join BGS in five easy steps:

  1. You will receive an email inviting you to join Beta Gamma Sigma by paying your $79 lifetime membership fee at the Eventbrite website.
  2. Your invitation will include a deadline by which we need to receive your materials in order to have them in time for the induction ceremony.
  3. After we receive your payment, we will e-mail you instructions for completing an online Member Data Form.
  4. If you accept your membership invitation in the fall, we will contact you in the spring to invite you to the induction ceremony.
  5. If you accept your membership invitation in the spring, an invitation to the induction ceremony will be included in your invitation packet. Be sure to RSVP. See below for more information.
  6. Attend the induction ceremony and celebrate your achievements!

Induction Ceremony

Our 2011 induction ceremony is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, May 1, 2011 at 3:00 pm in Enterprise Hall Room 80. Please email and let us know if you will attend, and the number of guests (up to three) you will bring. A reception will follow the ceremony. View photos from the May 3, 2009, induction ceremony.

If you miss the deadline for submitting your payment, you can still join BGS; however, we cannot guarantee that your membership pin and certificate will arrive in time for the induction ceremony (they wll be mailed to you at a later date).

Second Recognition - for graduate students

Once you join Beta Gamma Sigma, you are a member for life. But sometimes our graduate students who joined BGS as undergraduates meet the membership qualifications again.

If this happens to you, you wll receive an invitation from us to join Beta Gamma Sigma. Please let us know that you're a current member. You will be eligible for BGS's "Second Recognition" program, and can choose to receive a special certificate. You can also purchase an honor cord to wear at graduation, or you can wear the cord, medallion, or stole you received when you originally became a member.