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Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community.




Delta Sigma Pi was founded in 1907 at New York University: School of Commerce, Accounts and Finance by Harold Valentine Jacobs, Alexander Frank Makay, Alfred Moysello and Henry Albert Tienken. Today, coast to coast, more than 260 chapters and over 220,000 members support the goals and ideals of the Fraternity. There were only a handful of such schools in the United States in 1906 and one such school, known as the School of Commerce, Accounts, and Finance existed at New York University. Four members of that Class of 1909, previously unknown to each other, soon were to start an association that would become what is known today as the International Fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. The name of the organization had a high priority and the four founders agreed upon the three words that best expressed the meaning of their Fraternity and had a friend of Moysello translate them into Greek with the resulting designation: Delta Sigma Pi. By the end of 1920 four chapters were added to the official roll including Delta Chapter at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Epsilon Chapter at the University of Iowa in Iowa City, Zeta Chapter at Northwestern University in Evanston, and Eta Chapter at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. It was during the year of 1926 that the first Biennial Survey of Universities Offering an Organized Curriculum in Commerce and Business Administration was published by Delta Sigma Pi. By 1964, Delta Sigma Pi had grown to a Fraternity with more than 130 chapters and the membership had grown beyond the 50,000 member level. Currently, 260 chapters and 70 alumni chapters function at some level of social and professional interaction. It is unmistakable that Delta Sigma Pi and its members have enjoyed great success. The heritage of these past 100 years is rich and a source of great pride. It challenges all brothers to make the next century an even greater success!

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