Electrical And Computer Hacking Organization


This Organization is legal and has no affiliation with nor promotes any personal actions committed by any of its members (past and present). It has a sole purpose to introduce, inform, and entertain its members as well as get them working on collaborative projects.

<About us>

We are here to provide understanding of computer network infrastructure and computer architecture, along with their vulnerabilities. It was founded by Muneeb Akhter and Garrett McNamara in February 2010 at George Mason University to ensure all members have an understanding of how exploits occur, and how they can be prevented. The Electrical and Computer Hacking Organization (ECHO) has been fully recognized under local and national laws and has support with Computer Science, Information Technology and Electrical/Computer Engineering Departments.

This student organization works closely with the Center for Secure Information Systems (CSIS) to ensure students have faculty available to help with personal endeavors – provided it abides by the law – and provide research opportunity to students who are interested in the ideas presented by the center.

We are working with other student organization (IEEE, AFCEA, ACM, and ISM) in Mason to host joint activities for social and educational benefits to ensure that students get the most out of their experience.

Code of Conduct:

Students are allowed to practice their hacking techniques in the challenges section of the website. If students wish to practice on the website itself, it is asked that they do not plan anything too destructive with loss of data. User-submitted content will be monitored and offensive comments and pictures will be removed along with penalties to the parties who submitted it. Please refrain from doing anything Illegal from the knowledge you gain from this site; It is always better to seek permission than forgiveness. ECHO has the ability to disassociate from users that act suspiciously or try to accuse the organization of anything illegal.