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Stopping Mountaintop Removal

Indian Mountain, VA

Indian Mountain, Virginia
Photo credit: Appalachian Voices

EAG members are working hard to stop mountaintop removal. This destructive form of coal surface mining has destroyed over 500 mountains and 2,000 miles of streams in Appalachia, the most bio-diverse region in the United States.

Protecting this area is everyone's responsibility because Appalachia is truly a national treasure. George Mason University's electricty is supplied in part by coal extracted by mountaintop removal. This connection can be seen here.

The more the EAG becomes involved, the more we are learning that when you destroy the land, you destroy the people. Coalfield residents face high cancer rates, a poor economy, and polluted water.

The science is clear on this issue. The magazine Science, a publication of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, published an article that outlines the environmental destruction of mountaintop removal. The article goes even further to explain how reclamation (the practice of restoring the land to its past ecological, environmental, and natural prestige) is completely inadequate.

The EAG has participated in Mountain Justice Fall and Spring summits, lobbied on a national and state level, and petitioned on campus to stop mountaintop removal. Read about some of these activities in Broadside.

For more information on mountaintop removal, please visit the following sites: