GMU Environmental Action Group

Be the Change, Make a Difference, Save the World

Steering Committee

The Environmental Action Group is led by a steering committee (SC) that was established in the fall of 2010. The SC is responsible for organizing EAG campaigns, planning events, and running general meetings. The SC strives to be non-hierarchical with each member having equal work and power. Each member must fill a role ranging from applying for funds to spearheading an EAG campaign. The SC also strives to be inclusive by being transparent and open to all EAG members.

Joining the Steering Committee

Any active member of the EAG may join the Steering Committee. Membership to the steering committee is by nomination from an existing steering committee member or by self-nomination, as capacity allows. Any member can be nominated anytime throughout the academic year. The nomination is brought to a SC meeting while the nominee is not present. The SC makes a decision on adding a new member by the process of consensus.

Steering Committee Roles

Central Coordinator: Dan Stock

Responsibilities: Coordinate the work of the Steering Committee. Give support and coaching to the group. Be a point of contact for the group.

Membership Coordinator: Anartia Gamboa

Responsibilities: Manage membership application, membership list, contact list, volunteers, as well as track membership, set membership goals, and keep documentation.

Recruitment Coordinator: Connie Chee

Responsibilities: Organize tabling, class raps, canvassing, and other methods of recruitment; and add new members to the EAG Announce Listserv.

Allies Coordinator: Chris Bartlow

Responsibilities: Outreach, SI Liaison, Sustainability Office, other RSO, other environmental organizations. Keep documentation of EAG’s allies.

Communications Coordinator: Alex Tyson

Responsibilities: Send out emails over listserv, media, campaign messaging, social media, and media relations

Scheduling Coordinator: Celine Leary

Responsibilities: Book meeting locations, provide support for planning events, update event calendar, provide recommendations on how to make events strategic to the mission of the EAG and active campaigns

Logistics Coordinator: Lauren Peery

Responsibilities: Apply for funding for student funding board, apply for grants, help generate resources, manage EAG resources

Data Coordinator: Lianne Roe

Responsibilities: Note taking at EAG general and steering committee meetings. Sending out notes to the appropriate people.

Campaign Coordinator: Jason Von Kundra

Responsibilities: Bottom-line EAG campaigns