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Welcome to the Game Analysis Design Interest Group at GMU!

We are a club dedicated to making games on a professional level. Every year members can present game ideas to the club and the best idea will be selected and made during the upcomming year!

We also have guest speakers from big name studios like Bethesda and Firaxis, as well as studio tours around nearby companies.

The club is also actively involved in participating in local events such as IGDA meetings and Jamtech. If you're passionate about making games and want to push yourself to a more professional level, GADIG is the club for you!

Meeting Times

Location: Art and Design Building 2001

Time: Wednesdays at 7:30pm

Posted 1/23/18

Afternoon, everyone!

Hope the first couple days of classes are going well. I'm excited to announce that we will begin GADIG next Wednesday, the 31st. Meetings will be from 7:30 - 9:30 pm and in the Art & Design building room 2001. This is of course open to all returning members as well as anyone new who would like to check out the club. See you all then!



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2017-2018 GADIG Officers

Ben Covington

Ben Covington

Ben is a third year Game Design student at GMU after earning a computer science associate's degree. His core focuses are art, design and programming. He spent three years as a senior CAD designer in the jewelry industry which gives him a strong attention to detail.

Favorite Game: League of Legends

Chris Otey

Chris Otey
Vice President


Chris is a Junior at GMU getting his degree in computer game design. He's been playing and designing games for as long he can remember. He enjoys video games, movies, comics, and long walks on the beach. Oh and he occasionally writes stories and stories for games.

Favorite Game: Persona 4

Amanda Smithson

Amanda Smithson

Amanda is a Junior at GMU, majoring in Computer Science. As the club's secretary her main roles are to help with the organization of events and manage communication amongst the club. In her free time, she plays tennis, video games, and makes art.

Favorite Game: Overwatch

Jimmy Fonda

Jimmy Fonda

Jimmy is a Senior at GMU majoring in Game Design. He holds an Associate's Degree in Computer Science from NoVa Community college. As treasurer, he manages club funds and has been part of both the Programming team and Sound team of Gadig.

Favorite Game: Dark Souls

Rumtin Aidun

Rumtin Aidun
Sound Director


Rumtin Aidun is a junior at GMU majoring in Computer Game Design. He developed a love for music early in his life and began composing music in high school. He has a lot of experience using Logic Pro X as well as Audacity. Rumtin plans to compose music, design sounds, and program for games and other media after graduation.

Favorite Game: Paper Mario: Thousand Year Door

Jake Durborow

Jake Durborow

Jake Durborow, the art director at GADIG, is currently a Junior at GMU and a major in Computer Game Design. He has been drawing ever since elementary school and almost never leaves home without a sketchbook. His focus in art is characters because, as a writer and artist, he loves to develop and give life and a personality to his drawings. When he isn't drawing, Jake is usually playing video games or ranting to his friends about how low tier his main characters are.

Favorite Game: Blazblue series

Andrew Boisvert

Andrew Boisvert
Assistant Art Director


Andrew is a Computer Game Design student at GMU and serves as GADIG’s assistant art director. His main artistic interest is in the synchronization of music with animation. He hopes to take the degree’s training in 3DS Max and Unreal Engine to pursue that interest.

Favorite Game: Tales of Symphonia

Luke Smith

Luke Smith
Programming Director

Luke Smith is a Senior at GMU, majoring in Computer Science. He loves learning new programming skills and applying them, especially with games. Luke often finds himself helping people with programming or practicing with Unity anyway, so Programming Director is a good fit.

Favorite Game: The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Ashley Crouch

Ashley Crouch
Assistant Programming Director


Ashley Crouch is a Computer Science major at GMU. She is currently happy with assisting Luke and the current members of the programming team to create a productive environment that the team can learn in.

Favorite Game: Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Andrew Van Buren

Andrew Van Buren

Andrew Van Buren is a Senior at GMU, majoring in Computer Game Design. Currently maintaining the GADIG website and working on the GADIG programming team, Andrew does some of everything. Literally everything.

Favorite Game: Portal 2

Calvin Carlsen

Calvin Carlsen
Design Director

Calvin Carlsen is a Junior at George Mason University, majoring in Communication and minoring in Game Design. He hopes to one-day work as a narrative writer in games. As design director, he works to make all the big ideas thrown around into a manageable project.

Favorite Game: Pillars of Eternity

Jacob McFadden

Jacob McFadden
Assistant Design Director


Jacob McFadden is majoring in Computer Game Design at GMU with a minor in Arts and Visual Technology. He enjoys playing a variety of games and learning about them. When working on game projects, while not often having a set role, he likes providing what he can for the team. Often his main enjoyment comes from tweaking with games and helping people realize what direction they want to go with their game projects.

Favorite Game: Starcraft 2