Why Donate?

As you can see, we do a lot to support our students, but we couldn’t do it without your help.  While we do receive some funding from the university, as a non-profit student association, we are partially dependent on fundraising activities and donations to maintain our association and its various functions (e.g., printing and distributing The I/ON, hosting our SIOP networking event, etc.). 

If you would like to help support IOPSA activities, there are two ways you can do it:

1. Individual donation.  You can provide an individual donation at any time by simply following the donation directions here 

2. Corporate sponsorship.  IOPSA also welcomes sponsorships from organizations.  For more details on corporate sponsorship, contact Xue Lei at xlei2@gmu.edu

And of course, if there is another way you would like to support IOPSA, just contact Xue Lei (email address above).  We’re always open to other possibilities!

We greatly appreciate your support!