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H.Res. 182, Kennedy (MA) - Referred to House Committee

BILL NO: H.Res. 182

OFFICIAL TITLE: A resolution expressing the sense of the House of Representatives regarding marches in Northern Ireland

SPONSOR: Kennedy (MA)

COSPONSORS: 24 CURRENT COSPONSORS As Introduced - King (NY), Manton, McCarthy (NY), McGovern, Menendez, Gilman. 07-11-97 - Moakley, Payne, Neal, Kelly, Meehan, Walsh, Borski, Olver, McHugh, Abercrombie, Lipinski, Smith (NJ), Ackerman, McNulty, Hinchey, Delahunt, Holden. 07-15-97 - Doyle.


Expressing the sense of the House of Representitives regarding marches in Northern Ireland.

Whereas it is in the interest of the Republic of Ireland, the United Kindom, and the United States to bring an end to the strife in Northern Ireland;

Whereas the majority of the citizens of Northern Ireland, Catholic and Protestant, want an end to violence in the region;

Whereas the British Governmant's decision in 1996 to allow the Orange Order to march along a disputed stretch of the Garvaghy Road resulted in the worst rioting in Northern Ireland's history;

Whereas the British Government's decision to allow such a march on July, 6, 1997, resulted in a repeat of the violence of 1996 on the Garvaghy Road;

Whereas the British Government continues to use plastic bullets against civilians;

Whereas the right of citizens to assemble peacefully is an important part of pluralistic democracy;

Whereas the majority of marches conducted by the Orange Order are designed to provoke conflict and heighten tensions among Protestant and Catholic citizens; and

Whereas such marches only serve to undermine efforts to secure a lasting peace in Northern Ireland:

Now, therefore, be it


    Resolved, That it is the sense of the House of Representitives that the British Government should prohibit any march by any group through any neighborhood or community in Northern Ireland in which residents have clearly stated their opposition to the march.

Northern Ireland Peace Act (Introduced in the House)


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