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Action Alert - Support Cuban Solidarity!!

"Always be capable of feeling deeply any injustice
committed against anyone anywhere in the world."

Che Guevara



Call the U.S. Capitol Main Switchboard at:
202-224-3121. Ask to be connected to your senator's
office. Ask that he/she sign on to Senator Dodd's S1391.

Ask to be connected to your representative's office. Ask|
that he/she sign on to Congressman Torres's HR1951.

Both Acts would permit the sale of food and lift restrictions
on the sale of medicines to Cuba. Please let your Senator and/or
Representative know that you DO NOT support policies intended
to punish the innocent Cuban people.

If already signed - ask that he/she oppose any legislation
aimed at any remote continuance of current policy.


You can also express your support to President Clinton:

Hon. Bill Clinton President
The White House
Washington, D.C. 205000
Ph# (202) 456-1111
Fax# (202) 456-2461
email: President@whitehouse.gov

Call the White House comment line between now at: 202-456-1111.
Press 0 to get an operator. You can leave a message indicating
your concern over the correlation between the suffering of
the Cuban people and the US embargo. Indicate your support
for S1391 - The Cuban Women and Children Humanitarian Aid Act.

Action Alert!

PLEASE Call/write/fax/email Capitol Hill and
SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION located at the above website.

Ask your senator/representative to support

HUMANITARIAN TRADE TO CUBA! ******************************************************

Together, let's direct thousands of calls/faxes/letters to Congress, urging them to support passage of HR1951/S1391. These bills would allow sales and donations of food, medicine, and medical equipment to Cuba.

The Clinton Administration's recent gestures about reinstating direct flights and family remittances are just a tiny step back to pre-Helms/Burton, but keep the blockade in place.

The Helm/Torricelli/CANF initiative to send US government charity would be a big step backward because Cuba needs trade, not destabilizing aid.

Both of these initiatives are public relations ploys to slow the momentum on the passage of the food and medicine bills.

The Pope has called the US blockade of Cuba "monstrously immoral".

South African President Nelson Mandela took Bill Clinton by the hand, and said "you have to sit down and talk with your enemies."

Add your voice to theirs, and push Congress to take a constructive step forward to ease the blockade.

Thanks for your great work. It's your voices that have brought us this far.

As Mandela used to say, "LET'S KEEP THE PRESSURE ON."

Call the Congressional switchboard at: 202-225-3121
Ask to be connected to your Senators and Representative.
Ask your senator/representative to co-sponsor HR1951/S1391
Or contact them online at: http://www.house.gov/ http://www.senate.gov/

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