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The Writings of Che Guevara and Che Websites

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Website for The Republic of Cuba
La Prensa
The Militant 'Che' Series
Chriz's 'Che' Page
The Che Guevara Page
Che-Left Page
Discovery of Che's Body
Michelle's Che Guevara Page
Che Guevara: "On Revolutionary Medicine"
CNN 'Che' Site
CIA Files on Che
Cuba Poster Project
'Che' Site from Bologna, Italy
La Revolucion Cubana

Pathfinder Books
"Significant Selection of Che's Writings"

Read below for information on the newest translation of Che's Writings:

"Che: Economics And Politics in the Transition to Socialism"

From The Militant, vol.62/no.22 June 8, 1998gopher://gopher.igc.apc.org:/11/pubs/militant

Pathfinder online catalog:

"Che: Economics And Politics in Transition to Socialism"

Pathfinder has just published a new English-language
edition of Che Guevara: Economics and Politics in the
Transition to Socialism by Carlos Tablada. It has a new
preface by Mary-Alice Waters and an entirely new photo
section, containing more than two dozen photographs, many
appearing in an English-language book for the first time.

It also incorporates editing done by the author for
Pathfinder's 1997 Spanish-language edition. A new French-
language edition will be published later this year.

The book draws on many of Guevara's writings in the
initial years of the Cuban revolution. A central leader of
the July 26 Movement and Rebel Army, which led the
revolutionary war that overthrew the U.S.-backed Batista
dictatorship, Guevara was Cuba's minister of industry from
1961 to 1965.

In that capacity he was directly responsible for
reorganizing on new working-class foundations some 70
percent of industry in Cuba, while at the same time
maintaining production, as former owners and most of the old
management personnel left the country.

Many of the concrete questions that Cuba's revolutionary
leadership dealt with in leading working men and women in
Cuba to begin the transition to socialism - transforming
themselves in the process -are the subject of this book. How
do workers and farmers take more and more control over the
political direction and administration of the state and
economy - factory by factory and in the country as a whole?
What is the place of education and broader culture in
building a new society? How can voluntary labor begin to
change how human beings view work? What role do moral
incentives play in the fight for efficiency in a workers
state? What is the character and place of material

Socialism, Guevara notes, "is not a matter of how many
kilograms of meat one has to eat, not of how many times a
year someone can go to the beach, nor how many pretty things
from abroad one might be able to buy with present-day wages.
It is a matter of making the individual feel more complete,
with much more internal richness and much more responsibility."

In her preface Waters notes that the questions Che Guevara
addresses remain the most important questions of our epoch.

The economic and social crises engendered throughout the
world by capitalism in its death agony would not be alien to
Guevara, she says. "With one important qualification:
imperialism is weaker than it was thirty years ago, more
vulnerable, and the working class is a larger percentage of
the population. The stakes have gone up. It is the
capitalist world that will face the gravest crisis in the
years ahead," Waters explains.

The new edition of Che Guevara: Economics and Politics
in the Transition to Socialism is a valuable weapon in the
hands of revolutionary fighters around the world who are
determined to learn from and apply the example of workers
and farmers in Cuba.

To get an introductory 12-week subscription to the Militant in the U.S., send $10 US to: The Militant, 410 West Street, New York, NY 10014.

For subscription rates to other countries, send e-mail to themilitant@igc.apc.org or write to the above address.

Read Che's Most Famous Writing:

"Message to theTriContinental"

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