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If you'd like to contact us, please refer the appropriate sisters according to positions:
For all general questions, please email: kpl.gmu@gmail.com

President: Camtran Huynh
Vice President: Amber Bunch
Secretary: Kelly Choi
Treasurer: Hannah Yang
Warden: Christine Nguyen
Liaison: Sherika Callen

Academic Advising Chair: Melody Engle
Alumni Relations: Ruby Pan
Co-Banquet Chairs: Kelly Choi & Niki Luong
Co-Community Service: Eunice Lee & Niki Luong
Co-Cultural Chair: Melody Lee & Eunice Lee
Co-Fundraising Chairs: Lan-Khanh Tran & Sherika Callen
Historian: Melody Engle
MGC Representative: Haruka Konishi
Performance Chairs: Melody Lee
Co-Philanthropy Chair: Sherika Callen & Anna Chun
Public Relations: Kelly Choi
Co-Rush Chairs: Kelly Choi & Christine Nguyen
Sisters Events Coordinator: Christine Nguyen
Social Chair: Kelly Choi
Co-Spark Hope Chair: Anna Chun & Melody Engle
Webmistress: Haruka Konishi