National Society of Black Engineers: George Mason University Chapter


Back 2 School Supply Drive - Now through 9/15 (Various Locations)

Patriot Premeire - 8/24 through 8/25 (Patriot Center, 8:30pm-11pm)

Connection Carnival - 8/28 through 8/29 (North Plaza, 11am-3pm)


Study Session - 9/01 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)

Study Session - 9/03 (Fenwick Library, 6pm-10pm)

Study Session - 9/08 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)

Study Session - 9/10 (Fenwick Library, 6pm-10pm)

General Body Meeting - 9/11 (Engineering Building Rm 4201, 8pm-9:30pm)

Study Session - 9/15 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)

Study Session - 9/17 (Fenwick Library, 6pm-10pm)

Study Session - 9/22 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)

Study Session - 9/24 (Fenwick Library, 6pm-10pm)

Study Session - 9/29 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)


Study Session - 10/01 (Fenwick Library, 6pm-12am)

Study Session - 10/06 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)

General Body Meeting - 10/08 (Engineering Building Rm 4201, 8pm-9:30pm)

Study Session - 10/13 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)

Study Session - 10/15 (Fenwick Library, 6pm-10pm)

Study Session - 10/20 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)

Study Session - 10/22 (Fenwick Library, 6pm-10pm)

Study Session - 10/27 (Engineering Building Rm 2609, 6pm-12am)

Study Session - 10/29 (Fenwick Library, 6pm-10pm)


*Check back soon for more events*


Phone: 703-993-1511
Fax: 703-993-1633


Email nsbe.gmu.pres@gmailcom


Study Buddy System

Here we have a system that will help every NSBE member strive to complete our mission. The main idea behind it is to enhance the quality of study time by forming small groups in order to tackle down the challenges of our majors.It will not only provide a way for NSBE members to excel academically but create interpersonal relationships for us.

Here's how to sign up for the NSBE Studdy Buddy System for this semester.

You can do it in 2 easy steps:

  1. Email
  2. Remember not to dismiss something without giving it a chance. Success is worth fighting for.

Test Bank

Want additional help with studying? Wondering what's going to be on your next quiz or exam? Share your test with GMU NSBE and we will share our test with you. We are looking for every avenue to help complete the NSBE Mission. To launch this project we would like everyone who has any old exams from ANY subject to please send Seth Robertson ( or Christian Adounvo ( an e-mail. We will only be making copies of the Exam, so you can still keep your exams. We would especially like old exams from Sophomores and Juniors, considering most of these classes are ones that all STEM majors have to take.(CS 112, MATH 113, 114, PHYS 160,260, ECON 103,...etc.)


We understand you all have yet to receive any old exams, but you all can still help by keeping ALL the exams you take during and after this semester(Spring 2012), please do not throw away your tests. Remember, we are a family and we want everyone to succeed. So please, everyone help our NSBE family to achieve our mission "to increase the number of culturally responsible Black Engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community."

Pre-College Initiative

GMU-PCI strives to stimulate the interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields, or STEM. The goal is to encourage students in grades K12 to attend college and pursue technical degrees.

We are currently tutoring:

  • Savoy Elementary School 1:00pm - 2:15pm Weekly on Fridays
  • Thomas Jefferson Middle School 2:15pm -3:30pm Weekly on Wednesdays
  • Paul Robinson Saturday Academy 11am- 2pm Weekly on Saturdays

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