Interest Meeting
Tuesday, September 13th @ 7:30

International Conference
Wednesday, October 26th - 30th
Washington, District of Columbia

Tuesday, October 18th @ 7:30
HUB Meeting Room 2

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Servicing the Students, the University, the Profession, and the Community


Phi Alpha Delta is the world's largest co-ed law fraternity for pre-law students and GMU's only student run pre-law organization. The fundamental objective of Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law is to assist undergraduate students in making an informed choice in selecting law as a career, deciding which law school to attend, and preparing for the rigors of law school.

As a student run organization, our activities and events depend greatly on the interests of our members. We have had professionals from the law field, law students, and directors of admission as guest speakers, to name a few.

Phi Alpha Delta is an opportunity to learn more about law as a profession, law schools, the law school admission process, and preparing for the LSAT. We hold regular membership meetings and host several educational events on and off campus. Our most recent events include a law school fair and a LSAT test prep panel. Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) is always looking for new members and always available for any questions you may have.