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2nd and 4th Wednesdays of every month

1/28, 5:00pm, JC Room A
2/11, 5:00pm, JC Room A
2/25, 5:00pm, JC Room A
3/25, 5:00pm, JC Room B
4/08, 5:00pm, JC Room A
4/22, 5:00pm, JC Room B

As many of you know we have had a slow semester and as a result our active club membership has dwindled down to just a handful of students. Please do not be discouraged as the leadership of the club has been hard at work and has created a plan that, with the help of you all will increase our membership as well as our presence at George Mason University.

PLEASE make every effort to come out to our meetings this semester. Your support is greatly needed to help keep life sacred. We hope to see you all at the meetings.

Also, we are in need of a new treasurer, if you are interested please send an email to our group account- gmu.sfl@hotmail.com or Reply to this email.

Thanks, Laura Ann, James, and Sarah

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"Every 38 seconds in America a woman lays her body down, feeling forced to choose abortion out of a lack of practical resources and emotional support. Abortion is a reflection that society has failed women."
-Feminists for Life