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George Mason University School of Law
Upcoming Events

Ongoing Initiatives:

National Youth Justice Alliance

Law student volunteers tutor juveniles who are in detention in Washington, DC. The end goal is to empower youth to embrace constitutional literacy as a weapon against recidivism. As accused or adjudicated delinquents, they need to understand the juvenile justice system. As citizens, they need to understand their constitutional rights and responsibilities.

Our Pro Bono Society started participating in NYJA last year, and we received a 2010 American Bar Association Award for our efforts. This is a great program to get you involved in the community, introduced to criminal and constitutional law issues, and out of the library every once in a while!

Legal Services of Northern Virginia Intake

Legal Services of Northern Virginia is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing legal services to indigent members of the NoVa community. Our Intake Initiative Program allows student volunteers to call applicants with housing-, employment-, and family-related legal issues and compose memoranda of these issues to submit to LSNV and other pro bono attorneys in the area.

Our Intake Initiative is a fantastic opportunity to experience real legal work without delivering legal advice, and we would love to involve as many people as possible in our organization's mission to provide free legal service to the under-privileged.

Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project

The Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project in a new initiative by the GMU VBA Pro Bono Society that will be taking off this Fall semester. The Mid-Atlantic Innocence Project is a non-profit legal organization dedicated to the release of wrongly convicted people through the use of DNA testing. Student volunteers will provide assistance to the Innocence Project's DNA Notification Project by verifying conviction records either in person or by contacting courthouses in the Northern Virginia area.

Advancement Project

Today, almost 300,000 Virginians cannot vote due to felony convictions. These individuals can apply for restoration of their right to vote through a clemency process, but the process allows the Governor to grant restoration of this fundamental right on a case-by-case basis. Over the past three years, Advancement Project has spearheaded an advocacy campaign to re-enfranchise people with felony convictions and to change the law to provide for automatic restoration. VBA Pro Bono Society, in partnership with Advancement Project, hosts monthly legal clinics to help Virginians convicted of felonies to restore their right to vote.


Career Panel

Christina, Judge Wooldridge, and Meredith

Pro Bono hosted a career panel with commentary by Judge Robert Wooldridge on how you could give back to the community, no matter what field of law you are in.

The panel featured: