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Daniel Lieberfeld is Assistant Professor at Duquesne University’s Graduate Center for Social and Public Policy and author of Talking with the Enemy: Negotiation and Threat Perception in South Africa and Israel/Palestine and articles in the Journal of Peace Research, Peace Review, Negotiation Journal, Middle East Policy, and other publications.

Michael Pugh is Professor of Peace and Conflict Studies, Department of Peace Studies, Bradford University, UK. He leads a research project on the political economy of post-conflict transformation and has written extensively on peacekeeping and peacebuilding. He is the editor of International Peacekeeping.

Dorina A. Bekoe is a Research and Studies Program Officer at the United States Institute of Peace where she specializes in African conflicts, political development, institutional reform, and peace agreement implementation. Previously, she was the senior associate in the Africa Program at the International Peace Academy in New York and has also worked and conducted research in Zimbabwe, Ghana and Nigeria. Her research has focused on the incentives for warring parties to comply with peace agreements, the structure of institutional reforms, the regionalization of conflict in Africa, the role of Africa's sub-regional organizations in conflict management and resolution, and governance challenges in East Africa and the Horn.

Anna Snyder is an Assistant Professor in the conflict resolution program at Menno Simons College, an institution affiliated with the University of Winnipeg. Her research interests include transnational non-governmental network conflict and women’s peace organizations.   She is the author of Setting the Agenda for Global Peace: Conflict and Consensus Building (2003).  Her conflict resolution practice is focused primarily on local healing and reconciliation efforts between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples on the issue of residential schools.

Anita Wenden is Director of Peace Education and Research for Earth and Peace Education Associates International (New York City) and Professor Emerita of York College, City University of New York.  Her research projects have investigated perspectives on the meaning of peace, emerging trends in peace and environmental education, acquisition of cultural literacy, and discourse on the Intifada.  Recently published writings are included in Educating for a Culture of Social and Ecological Peace (2004) and the special section on language and peace in Peace and Change: A Journal of Peace Research (2003).  She is the founder and review editor of the Journal of Peace Education.

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