January 1999
ISBN 1085-7494
Volume 4, Number 1


Author's Information



Jacob Bercovitch and Patrick M. Regan

The Structure of International Conflict Management: An Analysis of the Effects on Interactability and Mediation


Chadwick F. Alger

The Quest For Peace: What Are We Learning?


Elizabeth R. DeSombre

Environmental Harm as Economic Subsidy: New Perspectives on the Feasibility of Trade Sanctions for Environmental Protection


Surya P. Subedi

Problems and Prospects for the Treaty on the Creation of a Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone in Southeast Asia




Research Notes


Daniel Druckman and Paul Stern

Perspectives on Evaluating Peacekeeping Missions


Policy Forum


Munakata Takayuki

Human Rights, The Right of Self-Determination and the Right to Freedom



Taiwan and East Timor: Human Rights, Rule of Law, Self-Determination