Published by The Network of Peace and Conflict Studies

George Mason University


The journal is committed to academic research on conflict analysis and resolution, peace building, humanitarian intervention, peacekeeping and other mechanisms that seek to prevent and control violence. We are also interested in publishing articles which focus on promoting global social change and nonviolence: ecological balance, development, human rights, peace movements and gender. The journalís aim is to provide space for the interactive research needed for the accumulation of a knowledge base in peace and conflict research.  

The manuscripts may address various human experiences and policy agendas. However, they have to be rooted in theoretical or conceptual issues that are current in the field. The journal serves as an invaluable network of those who are interested in peace research and education. Peace and Conflict Studies is published twice a year by the Network of Peace and Conflict Studies. We greatly appreciate the logistical support provided either currently or in the past by the Institute for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University, Middle Georgia College, Mershon Center of the Ohio State University, Center for International Studies, University of Missouri at St. Louis. Support has also been given by the Lentz Peace Research Association and the Political Science Manuscripts.


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