March 23, 2011

Robinson Hall B113, 3:00 4:15 p.m.


Note: Only business included in the agenda can be transacted at the Special Meeting.


I.       Call to Order

II.      New Business



That the Faculty Senate approve the proposed changes to the Faculty Handbook with no further revisions at this time other than those necessary to correct typographical and grammatical errors.


[Note: A motion to "refer to the Faculty Handbook Committee with instructions" is in order.]





The purpose of this meeting is to consider the proposed revisions to the Faculty Handbook (2009). The revisions, which are available on the Faculty Senate website ( ) appear as deletions (strikethrough) and insertions (underlined) to the current text. The new text as it would appear if the revisions are approved is also provided.


This paragraph was included in the background material submitted to the Faculty Senate for its special meeting in Fall, 2008 to approve the Faculty Handbook:

" Such approval does not mean that future changes cannot be considered from time to time as needed. With modern technology and using the procedures described in the revised Handbook, it is now possible to treat the Handbook as a living, evolving document that can be updated and improved with relative ease on an ongoing basis."


Two groups have been meeting this last year to propose revisions to the Faculty Handbook. One group was convened by Brian Walther, Senior Associate University Counsel, and consisted of representatives from the Provost's Office, Human Resources, and the faculty. The other group was the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, a University Committee that reports to the Faculty Senate. Each group reviewed the other group's proposed revisions, and the Provost has reviewed and approved all of them.


It remains for the Faculty Senate to approve the changes.


All revisions approved by both the administration and the Faculty Senate will then be submitted to the Board of Visitors for final approval.



III.    Adjournment