February 15, 2012

Robinson Hall B113, 3:00 4:15 p.m.


Note: Only business included in the agenda can be transacted at the Special Meeting.


I. Call to Order


II. New Business




That the Faculty Senate approve the proposed changes to the Faculty Handbook with no further revisions at this time other than those necessary to correct typographical and grammatical errors.


[Note: A motion to "refer to the Faculty Handbook Committee with instructions" is in order.]




The purpose of this meeting is to consider the proposed revisions to the Faculty Handbook (2011). The revisions, which are available on the Faculty Senate website ( and, appear as deletions (strikethrough) and insertions (underlined) to the current text. The new text as it would appear if the revisions are approved is also provided.


The group recommending these changes consists of the Faculty Handbook Revision Committee, whose faculty members are elected by the Faculty Senate, and representatives from the administration. The administration has approved the recommendations, and it remains for the Faculty Senate to consider them. All revisions approved by both the administration and the Faculty Senate will be submitted to the Board of Visitors for final approval at their meeting on March 21, 2012.





Geoffrey Birchard COS

Lloyd Cohen SOL Faculty Senator

Richard Miller CEHD

Suzanne Slayden COS Faculty Senator Chair

Deborah Boehm-Davis Associate Dean, CHSS

Renate Guilford Associate Provost, Enrollment Planning & Administration

Michelle Lim Human Resources Faculty Business Partner




III.    Adjournment