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Faculty Handbook Revisions 2017-2018

The Faculty Handbook Revision Committee recommends the Faculty Senate approve the proposed revisions to the Faculty Handbook.
Revisions (4/4/18)

At the March 7 and 28th, 2018 Faculty Senate meetings, these revisions were presented to selected sections in Chapter2.

Revisions to multiple sections in Chapter 2

Proposed Revisions to the Faculty Handbook

Left Side:    2017 Handbook Text with proposed revisions. New text is underlined and deleted text appears with strike-through.

Right Side:       Handbook as it will appear if the changes on the left side are approved.

The full text of the current Faculty Handbook can be found at

Faculty Handbook Revision Committee: Alan Abramson (SSPG), Cynthia Lum (CHSS), Suzanne Slayden (COS)
Provost's Office: Renate Guilford
Human Resources: Michelle Lim


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