GMU Reserved Parking Information

Any faculty, staff, or persons with special needs can apply for reserved parking spaces at George Mason University by sending a request to Catherine Epps in Parking Services. The annual costs for reserved parking spaces are $400 for surface parking and $475 for deck parking (plus $25 card fee). Deck parking is also available by semester for $250. The Office of University Services and Parking Services determines eligibility. The criteria is set by reviewing the different types of people at GMU (faculty, students, vendors, staff, etc.) to determine need and space availability. Applications can be denied if space is unavailable.

Those currently holding reserved parking spaces are:
Helen Ackerman, Vice President, University Relations
David Armor, Professor, School of Public Policy
Anna Baraniecki, Assoc. Professor, E&CE
Pat Barnes, Asst. Director of Operations, Patriot Center
Chris Beery, Accounting/Events Manager, Events Management
Michael Behrmann, Director, Kellar Institute for Human disAbilities
John Besanko, Asst. General Manager, Patriot Center
Doris Bitler, Assoc. Dean, Student Academic Affairs & Technology
Murray Black, Professor, E&CE
Jeffrey Brandwine, Asst. Vice President, Legal Affairs Department
Carol Brosseau, Asst. Director, Student Financial Aid
Peggy Brouse, Assoc. Professor, SE& Operations Research Department
D.R. Butler, Assoc. Athletic Director of Academic Resources
Bill Coester, Administrator, School of Public Policy
Michael Coleman, Head Coach, Women’s Tennis
James Conant, Assoc. Dean of Financial Management, CAS
Gerald Cook, Professor/Eminent Scholar, E&CE
David Cooper, Assoc. Vice President, University Development
Bill Courtney, Asst. Coach, Men’s Basketball
Myra Crosen, Assoc. Director, Tech. Moves & Service Coord., Information Technology
Maureen Danforth, Asst. Director, Office of Continuing Professional Education
Peter Denning, Professor, Computer Science
Catherine Epps, Special Events Manager, Parking Services
Andres Fortino, Asst. Professor, School of Management
Frederic Foss, ITU Applications Analyst, Tech Systems & Database App. Services
Martha Francescato, Professor, Spanish
Stephen Fuller, Professor, School of Public Policy
John Gabbert, Operations Director, Patriot Center
Barry Geisler, General Manager, Patriot Center
James (Mike?) Gillian, Asst. Coach, Men’s Basketball
Julie Gladbach, Events Manager, Events Management
Maureen Gontarek, Office Manager, Patriot Center
Mandi Greene, Box Office Director, Patriot Center
Sahle Haile, Project Manager, Parking Services
Kingsley Haines, Dean, School of Public Policy
David Harr, Assoc. Dean, School of Management
Reid Herlihy, Vice President, Facilities
Karla Hoffman, Chair, SE & Operations Research Department
Joy Hughes, Vice President, Information Technology
Earl Ingram, Vice President, University Equity Office
Christopher Inouye, Patriot Center
Sushil Jajodia, Chair, Information & Software Engineering
Judith Jobbitt, President, GMU Foundation; VP, University Dev. & Alumni Affairs
Cynthia Johnson, Controller, Parking Services
George Johnson, Former President
Menas Kafatos, Dean, SCS
Jim Larranaga, Head Coach, Men’s Basketball
Alex Levis, Professor, E&CE
Tere Linehan, Director of Development, CAS
Sharon Littley, Executive Administrative Asst., Information Technology
Barbara Lubar, Director, Events Management
Anthony Maiello, Professor, Music
Steve Maltman, Applications Analyst, Tech Systems, Database App. Serv.
Andrzej Manitius, Chairperson, E&CE
Arthur Melmed, Research Professor, School of Public Policy
Sharon (Char?) Miller, Visiting Asst. Professor, Public & International Affairs
Janette Muir, Assoc. Dean, New Century College & CAS
Shane Mulready, Asst/ Director/Arena Administration, Patriot Center
James Murphy, Asst. Athletic Director
Una Murphy, Assoc. Director, University Development Office
Salim Nanji, Student
Janet Niblock, Executive Director, Office of Continuing Professional Education
Brenda Noel, Student Services Coordinator, Community College Education
Leslie Painter, ITU Manager, Patriot Computers
Jane Pearson, Director of Donor Relations & Communications, Development Office
Thomas Perdiou, Assist Director, Student Financial Aid
James Pfiffnerr, Professor, School of Public Policy
Sandi Pope, Director, Child Development Center
Vic Reston, Director of Operations, School of Management
David Roe, Chief Financial Officer, GMU Foundation
Ravi Sandhu, Professor, I&SE
Linda Schwartzstein, Vice Provost, Academic Affairs
Keith Segerson, Computing Systems Adminstrator, IT&E
Jeremy Sharp, Special Project Manager, Parking Service
Charles Shelby, Engineer, Patriot Center
Maurice Scherrens, Senior Vice President
Valery Soyfer, Distinguished Professor, Biology
Debra Sprague, Assoc. Professor, Graduate School of Education
Peter Stearns, Provost
Lory Stimson, Assoc. Athletic Director; Director, Patriot Club
Roger Stough, Assoc. Dean, School of Public Policy
Marion Strishock, Branch Manager, United Bank
Daniele Struppa, Dean, CAS
Debbie Taneyhill, Head Coach, Women’s Basketball
June Tangney, Professor, Psychology
Micah Ticatch, Student
Archie Tinelli, Director, Exec. & Proff. Programs, School of Management
Susan Tolchin, Professor, School of Public Policy
Mary Truban, Student
Harry Van Trees, Director, C3I Center
Jose Velazco (Vasquez?), Physical Plant
Brian Walther, Associate, Legal Affairs Department
Susan Warshauer, Coordinator, Technology Across the Curriculum, CAS
Edward Wegman, CCS Director, A&ES
E. Bernard White, Assoc. Dean, IT&E
Debbie Wilson, Sports Psychologist; Director, Student Athlete Welfare
Catherine Winkert, Budget Manager, CVPA
Jaclyn Wood, Student
Susan Yamamoto, Outreach Programs Coordinator, Graduate School of Education
Stanley Zoltek, Assoc. Professor, SCS

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