Creation of a Faculty Task Force to Consider Salary Issues



Based on an initial review of the raises awarded to faculty and administration for the 2004-05 AY, the Senate Executive Committee believes it would be salutary to create a task force to consider various salary issues.  Accordingly, it proposes the following motion:


A five-member faculty task force, The Faculty Task Force on Salary Issues, will be created to review the raises given to faculty and administrators over recent years.


 The charge of the Task Force will include, but not be limited to, the following matters:


1. a longitudinal comparison of the salaries of upper-level administrators (president and vice presidents; provost and associate and assistant provosts; deans and associate and assistant deans) with the average salaries of the various ranks of instructional faculty;


2. a longitudinal comparison of the distribution of faculty salaries within and between local academic units within a school and also between schools;


3. an examination of the criteria and processes used to determine the size of faculty and administrative salaries, including both beginning salaries and raises (both annual and “off-cycle”);


4. a comparison of the salaries of the GMU faculty with those of the faculty in GMU’s SCHEV-appointed  peer institutions and  also with those of the faculty in other Virginia doctoral-granting public universities;


5. a comparison of  the salaries of the GMU upper-level administrators with those of the administrators in GMU’s SCHEV-appointed peer institutions and also with those of the administrators in other Virginia doctoral-granting public universities;


6. an examination of other data that the Task Force judges to be relevant.


7. the proposal of new policies, if judged necessary, to provide for needed corrections to present practices;


8. the proposal of policies that will provide for adequate transparency and substantive faculty input at every stage of the salary process.


9. the presentation of  a preliminary report to the Faculty Senate at a special called meeting on April 19; to be followed by a progress report in September, 2006 and a final report in October, 2006.


The general goal of the Task Force is to determine if current salary practices meet the highest standards of professional equity, promote the general well being of the University, and best serve the interests of students, faculty, tax-payers and the general public.  


The Task Force is encouraged to draw upon available expertise from both within and outside the University.  The Faculty Senate trusts that the Administration shares the Senate’s concern that the Task Force be able to function effectively; and, accordingly, the Senate expects the Administration will provide the Task Force with any needed operating funds and staff resources.  (The Senate does not anticipate any major expenses or demands upon staff time.)


The following faculty were elected to the Task Force:


Richard Carver (CS)

Richard Coffinberger (SOM)

Michael Ferri (SOM)

Julie Mahler (PIA)

Richard Rubenstein (ICAR)

June Tangney (PSYC)