APRIL 10, 2006 – Mason Hall, room D5; 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.


Present:  Kevin Avruch, Professor of Conflict Resolution and Anthropology, ICAR; Lorraine Brown, Professor of English (CAS) and President of the AAUP Chapter of George Mason University; Rick Coffinberger, Associate Professor of Business and Legal Studies, School of Management, Chair; Martin Ford, Senior Associate Dean, College of Education and Human Development; Dave Harr, Senior Associate Dean, School of Management; Marilyn Mobley, Associate Provost for Education Programs; Suzanne Slayden, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry.


Absent:    David Rossell, Associate Provost for Personnel and Budget, ex-officio. 


Approval of Minutes of March 27, 2006:  Any revisions received  from members of the committee will be resubmitted for approval.  In absence of revisions received, minutes will be posted as approved.


Future Committee Meetings Schedule for Summer and Fall, 2006:  The committee will be polled to determine schedule for future meetings.  It is hoped the committee will meet more frequently during the fall term.  In the absence of David Rossell due to illness, the committee expressed concern and hopes for his speedy recovery; questions will be emailed to him as needed.


3.3. Summer Salary: Revisions and Proposed Draft:




3.3 Summer Salary


The University offers a summer program consisting of several terms.  If a full-time faculty member teaches a summer course the pay rate shall be 10% of their annual nine-month salary per course, unless a course is valued at a higher or lower amount for workload purposes during the academic year.  Every full-time faculty who wishes to teach in the summer shall be afforded an opportunity to teach one course at 10% of their annual nine-month salary, assuming they are qualified to teach the course and that the course meets minimal enrollment criteria and appropriate scheduling, curricular, and pedagogical needs.   Furthermore, full-time faculty should not be excluded from teaching additional courses at 10% of their annual nine-month salary when no demonstrated financial constraints exist.  Grievances over what constitutes financial constraints should be resolved at the local level, but if no agreement can be reached, then the Provost and the Faculty Senate’s Executive Committee will be the designated body to resolve the disagreement.  Summer teaching is optional, and in no case may it be required of a faculty member.  Faculty may be paid no more than .3333 percent of their prior academic year salary for all summer work. 

External review of Faculty Handbook revisions by:

·        Board of Visitors: to make periodic reports to the Faculty and Academic Standards Committee of progress; also periodically send committee minutes.

·        Faculty:  future open forums, to ask Chair of the Faculty Senate to send email requesting further input, Faculty Senate.

·        Provost’s opinions solicited on draft language.


Next Topics for Review:

·        Study Leaves section in the Faculty Information Guide, not in current Handbook.

· Institutes:  Martin Ford to draft a proposed revision; not purview of committee to change the fundamental status of ICAR or the Krasnow Institute; however changes in language may affect status; a complex issue.

·        2.2.6 Emeritus Status:  Rick to forward to Lorraine and Suzanne various input received from faculty, also May 2004 motion passed by Faculty Senate on emeritus status.

·        2.11.8 Outside Employment and/or Business Interests:  draft document distributed at recent Deans and Directors meeting to be considered.


Next Meeting:  Friday, April 21, 2006, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. in Mason Hall, rm. D5.


Respectfully submitted,

Meg Caniano

Clerk, Faculty Senate