George Mason University
Approved Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting
October 9, 2002

Present: J. Bennett, L. Brown, P. Buchanan, R. Coffinberger, M. DeNys, E. Elstun. D. Kuebrich

Chair Jim Bennett opened the meeting at 12:06 pm.

I. Approval of Minutes
The Minutes of the October 2, 2002 Executive Committee meeting were approved as amended.

II. Announcement
Dr. Bennett announced that Vernon Smith was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics this week.

Mark Grady will be giving the eulogy for Dr. Liebeler, a GMU law professor, at today’s full Senate meeting, and a moment of silence will be held for the passing of Margaret Howell, a long-time GMU staff worker.

III. Reports from Senate Standing Committee Chairs/
IV. Agenda Items for October 9, 2002 Faculty Senate Committee

A. Academic Policies

It was mentioned that there may be intense discussions on the motions that will be introduced this afternoon since the Committee did not accept all of the Task Force on Teacher/Course Evaluation recommendations. Another issue discussed is the division of responsibility and oversight between the University Committee on Effective Teaching and the Center for Excellence in implementing and enforcing the motions if passed.

B. Facilities & Support Services & Library
The Committee has received both an oral and written report from ITU concerning the viruses currently circulating on GMU’s computers.

C. Faculty Matters
There was only a 19% return on the Faculty Evaluation of the Administration, rendering the data statistically meaningless. The Committee is doing a lot of work on strengthening, tightening, and revising the evaluation tools so that future evaluations will be valid.

D. Ad Hoc Budget Committee
Dr. Coffinberger reported on a budget briefing held by Dr. Scherrens that he attended last Friday.

It was noted that there is a lot of contradictory information circulating about the role of the Deans’ budgetary meetings. It is important that faculty members know the specifics about the cuts in their school or college and department. The Executive Committee concurred that the Senate’s responsibility is to continue to request information and disseminate it in the best way possible for faculty use.

III. New Business
A. Proposal for a Faculty Senate Task Force on Academic Standards & Integrity

Dr. Bennett distributed a draft proposal to establish a University Task Force on Academic Standards & Integrity. Members were asked to submit comments and suggested changes as soon as possible for discussion at next week’s Executive Committee meeting and submission of a final proposal at the October 23rd full Senate meeting.

B. Revision of Charge of University Grievance Committee to cover Research Faculty
The Committee is waiting for Dr. Rossell, Associate Provost for Personnel and Budget, to clarify “term” faculty before they will know if the Grievance Committee’s charge needs to be changed.

IV. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 1:24 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Debi Siler
Clerk, Faculty Senate

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