George Mason University
Approved Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting
September 24, 2003

Present: J. Bennett, L. Brown, P. Buchanan, R. Coffinberger, M. De Nys, E. Elstun, D. Kuebrich, P. Stearns

Chair Jim Bennett opened the meeting at 12:00 noon.

I. Approval of Minutes
The Minutes of the July 17 and August 27, 2003 Executive Committee meeting were approved as distributed.

II. Announcements
The BOV Faculty and Academic Standards Committee has agreed to add a faculty representative to its membership.

III. Old Business
A. President Merten’s letter concerning Library Governance

The Budget & Resources Committee will present a Resolution to the Faculty Senate next week in response to President Merten’s letter.

IV. Reports from Senate Standing Committee Chairs
A. Academic Policy

The Chair will announce the members and their assignments at the October 1st Faculty Senate meeting.

B. Budget & Resources
The Committee will meet monthly to organize, gather data, and make contact with administrators who oversee issues of interest to the Committee, such as John Zenelis, Morrie Scherrens, Reid Herlihy, and members of the Budget Planning Group. The Committee would also like to get access to the unit budget plans for review and analysis.

C. Faculty Matters
The Faculty Evaluation of Administrators report was delayed since the data had to be re-entered. The Committee has sent their text sections to Institutional Assessments and the report should be completed soon.

The Committee is researching the policy of outsiders as heads of Academic Units. The Provost would oppose any policy that regulates temporary appointments, but acknowledged that appointments of long-term deans and chairs should be limited to persons within the unit’s field.

D. Nominations
Lorraine Brown and Rick Coffinberger are swapping information on Nominations and Budget & Resources committees.

E. Organization & Operations
The primary focus of the Committee this year will be revising the procedures for allocating Senate seats. It will also consider combining the O&O and Nominations Committee and creating a new committee on Teaching & Research in order to make the division of work more equitable between the Senate Standing Committees. It was noted that the Communication with the BOV Committee’s charter has expired and needs to be reviewed.

V. New Business
A. Executive Committee AY2003-2004 Meeting Schedule

The Executive Committee will meet on the following Wednesdays at 12:00 noon in D109A Mason Hall, with additional meetings being called as needed. The Provost will attend all of the scheduled meetings except October.

October 22, 2003
November 19, 2003
January 14, 2004
February 4, 2004
March 10, 2004
March 31, 2004
April 28, 2004

B. Faculty Senate 30th Anniversary Plan
It was suggested that there be a “birthday” cake and coffee at the April meeting to celebrate the Faculty Senate’s official 30th anniversary.

C. Course Release for Senate Committee Chairs
The Chair thanked the Provost for allowing a Senate Committee Chair to be released from one class a semester beginning this spring. The Chair will choose someone for the first release and inform the Provost as soon as possible.

D. Faculty Senate Annual Report
It was clarified that this is an annual report of the Faculty Senate, not the Executive Committee. It will serve the purpose of getting everyone on the same page, setting a good example of accountability and openness, and updating the new Senators, President, Provost, and BOV on the activities, goals, and focus of the Faculty Senate. The Executive Committee will hold a special meeting to review the report once it is completed and then submit it to the full Faculty Senate for acceptance. Secretary David Kuebrich was thanked for his work in creating the report.

E. Provost’s Remarks
The BOV is concerned that the University’s sexual harassment policy has not been distributed correctly. The Provost affirmed that faculty up for tenure must sign off on the policy, and this process will be implemented for all new hires. It was also mentioned that Ron Sinacore gave presentations on the policy to current faculty. It was agreed that implementing the University’s sexual harassment policy is the responsibility of the Administration and Equity Office, not the Faculty Senate.

The BOV Faculty and Academic Standards Committee is requesting more information on the Dubai campus proposal before making a decision. The Provost Office will conduct further research on the ETA/Ascon Group and present more in-depth information to the Committee in October.

The President and the BOV are concerned about the lag in faculty salaries, especially for faculty who may be lured away to other universities. The President has compiled a list of Associate and Assistant Professors who are paid less than new hires or below others of the same rank and tenure to present to the BOV to adjust the salary structure.

VI. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Debi Siler
Clerk, Faculty Senate

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