April 16, 2007; 2:00 3:00 p.m., Enterprise Hall, room 318


Present: Jim Bennett, Lorraine Brown, Phil Buchanan, Jim Sanford, Suzanne Slayden, Cliff Sutton


Approval of the Minutes of March 26, 2007: The minutes were approved as distributed.


Election of Faculty Representatives to BOV Committees:

        General faculty defined as all full-time faculty (instructional and research); administrative faculty ineligible.

        Should terms be staggered? Does not seem as important as representatives are doing different things.

        Elections to be held every two years in the spring.

        Need for regular reports to faculty? Not answerable to the Faculty Senate; concern about lack of communication; we do not profit from what they have observed.

        At joint meeting of Faculty Senate Executive Committee and BOV Faculty Representatives (Feb. 2007), BOV representatives wanted to give reports as needed, not as mandated.


Minutes of Special-Called Faculty Senate Meeting March 23, 2007: Once approved, to write a brief cover letter of transmittal to the BOV members.


Second-Level Tenure Review in Units Without Departments:

        Was Krasnow Institute Report delivered by its director, James Olds, at March 2007 Faculty Senate meeting given in lieu of formal hearing? Same report as given to the BOV.

        Degree housed in a program, not a department: shared between Dept. of Psychology and College of Science (COS). Krasnow will have faculty lines.

        According to the Faculty Handbook, for second-level tenure review in small units, Faculty Senate representative must be involved (has never happened). ICAR does not have second-level review, used to have outside people. CEHD has two level reviews if no department-level review.

        Will Faculty Handbook revisions address second-level review? Already states if you do not have enough people, need to go outside to send a letter to the Provost, cc: institute directors by name.

        Concern expressed about reorganization of a unit why is there not a hearing about Krasnow akin to CAS/SCS merge? Many questions raised. Krasnow reorganization and tenure are two separate issues; to monitor for any changes.


Status of Use of Public Space Policies:

        Three new policies: (1) Vending Sales; (2) Solicitation Posting; (3) Amplified Sound Policy.

        Seventeen-page document does not address petition gathering at all; authorship unknown, may have been written by outside attorney. Four Senators provided input in wake of fall problems.

        To contact faculty member who teaches a course on the use of public space to examine issue

        There will not be a separate demonstration policy in the future; need for a well-written policy.

        Feedback also from faculty member who is an expert on sound; willing to give power-point presentation to whomever wrote the policy.


Suggested ideas for reports at next Faculty Senate meeting, to be discussed at April 23rd Executive Committee meeting:

        Satellite Campus Task Force and Technology Policy Committee have offered to give reports.

        Dean Andrew Flagel of Admissions will present short report.

        To look through list of standing committees annual reports received for further suggestions.


Respectfully submitted,

Meg Caniano

Clerk, Faculty Senate