Minutes of the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate

Monday, August 28, 2006

Mason Hall, room D5, 3:00 – 4:30 p.m.


Senators Present:  Jim Bennett, Jim Sanford, Suzanne Slayden, Peter Stearns, Susan Trencher, Cliff Sutton

Senator Absent:  Rick Coffinberger


BOV Retreat – Provost Stearns


Discussion - Salary Equity Study Committee: did not provide a report for AY 05-06; Provost asserts that work to assess trends re gender and minority issues very important, within disciplines and access to time in rank.  Works as a control to see if anything wildly out of whack in general terms.  About ten years ago, Ann Palkovich did a study that showed gender biases, spurred by Don Gantz and John Miller; study done again two – three years later.  Last study done two years ago. 


Copyright Policy:  not ready for consideration by the Faculty Senate this month, better to wait until October.  To be presented by Jim Sanford - Jennifer Murphy and Matt Kluger to attend; University Counsel did not feel his presence needed.  Suggestion to call a special meeting may be considered.  As voice of the general faculty, the Senate will make our opinion known to the BOV. 


Faculty Senate Newsletter:  in response to question raised, Provost Stearns would not mind funding a stipend for a graduate student, but not tuition remission and requested we send him a proposal.  To email, not print copies, publications office does not have resources for this project; to discuss with English/Communications faculty. 


Issue regarding monitoring of student information:  to Technology Policy Committee.


General discussion about need for faculty consultation on issues that affect them such as admissions policy, faculty/staff housing initiative, etc.   Need for eternal vigilance.  To invite Linda Schwartzstein, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Vice President of Enrollment Services, to a future Executive Committee meeting to discuss decisions such as changes in SAT requirements announced in the Washington Post in late May, 2006.





·        Report on BOV meeting – Provost Stearns

·        Special meeting Sept 13th for consideration of a report from Task Force on Salary Issues.

·        Phi Beta Kappa – Marion Deshmukh

·        Eulogy for Mel Friedlander – Joe Scimecca

·        President Pro-Tem, - Dave Kuebrich, Parliamentarian, Sergeant-at-Arms

·        Senators on University Standing Committees responsible for organizing the first meeting to elect a chair.


Old Business – None


New Business – Senate Standing Committee Reports

New Business – Other Committee Reports

Other New Business


Remarks for the Good of the General Faculty


Adjournment (followed by brief organizational meetings of the standing committees)


Respectfully submitted,

Meg Caniano

Clerk, Faculty Senate