Monday,  April 18, 2011

Mason Hall, room D5; 2:30 – 4:00 p.m.


Senators Present:  Doris Bitler, Janette Muir, Star Muir, Peter Pober, Peter Stearns, Susan Trencher

Visitors Present:  Anne Schiller, Vice President for Global and International Strategies; Thomas Speller, Chair of the Academic Initiatives Committee


I.  Approval of Minutes of March 28, 2011:  The minutes were approved as distributed.


II.  Announcements

Dean  Vikas Chandhoke (COS) brief remarks at April 27th Meeting

Special Meeting April 20th with State Senator Chap Petersen and Delegate David Bulova


Chair Peter Pober welcomed Anne Schiller, Vice President for Global and International Strategies and Thomas Speller, Chair of the Academic Initiatives Committee to our meeting today.  Anne Schiller is delighted with the Senate’s response and conern for certain organizatinal processes and for your leadership in the amendment of the Academic Initiative Committee’s charge to include her as a non-voting member of the committee.    She also provided the following updates from the new Global Office on office organization: the electronic MOU Process, the upcoming international inventory, new Global LLC, and potential initiatives in Korea and Sardinia.  The Global Office welcomes opportunities for communication between our new office and the Faculty Senate and is glad that communication is now regularized, including through the Academic Initiatives Committee.

The Global Office exists to further the international efforts of faculty, programs, and colleges and to look for new opportunities. In this first academic year  the Global Office  is taking steps to insure that the office is well-functioning and responsive.  Addressing need to develop more effective ways to get the word out about how we can assist and about what Mason does in terms of global and international activities as units and as a collective.  The new website, set to launch by the end of May, will be very useful to internal and external audiences.  Take the lead in the creation of a Global Strategic Directions statement that addresses current resources and needs and articulates future goals.

Office structure is result of a reorganization of responsibilities of individuals who are associated in various ways with global activities that yielded three key positions: Global Relations Specialist; a halftime International MOU and Agreements Coordinator; and a halftime International Activities Budget Specialist.  Other positions now associated with the Global Office are International Grants Coordinator, Director of China and Russia Programs, and Faculty Adviser for Korea Programs.  Also have a Grad RA tasked to work to create articles about units’ international activities and about our international partners.  In a few weeks we will pilot a new E-MOU process that can be accessed through the new Global website.


Another initiative is an international inventory that will capture information about how  Mason is presently engaged and help us identify interests and strengths more clearly.  The data will be made available to the community and allow immediate access to information about existing MOUs and other agreements such as dual and joint degrees and exchanges and mentoring relationships with international institutions,  international alumni, which faculty have international degrees, where we have study abroad programs, and more.


That inventory will also be provided to a faculty advisory group charged with making specific recommendations to be included in a Global Directions. Target is to assemble the advisory group to begin work next Fall. 


The Global Office is the co-sponsor of a new international living learning community called “Global Crossings” that will pilot Fall 2011. Has taken a central role in the new activities related to Korea, and a smaller contributing role in the exploration of the Italian campus initiative.


Korea: At the request of faculty or unit heads, the Global Office is currently assisting with the development of six dual degrees with Korean institutions:

         Global Affairs (MA), CHSS – Graduate School of International Studies, Korea University

         Special Education (MEd), CEHD – Gyeong In National University of Education (GINUE)

         School of Public Policy (MA) – aSSIST

         School of Public Policy – Seoul National University

         School of Management – Solbridge School of Business

         Multilingual Multicultural Education, CEHD – SungkyungKwan University (SKKU)


Global is partnering with ELI in a project with the University of Seoul that will yield a modest profit that we are keeping in a fund to support future faculty initiatives. Has assisted two faculty in finding opportunities for summer school teaching in Korea at their request.  One is from SPP and the other is from COS.


Also active in the on-going evaluation process surrounding the Songdo Campus  Initiative.   The Songdo Initiative refers to a potential distributed campus in Songdo City in the Incheon Free Economic Zone, or IFEZ .  It is within 3 hours of 1/3 of the world’s population.  A good part of the student body would come from China and some parts of Southeast Asia, in particular Vietnam.  Currently nearly 80% of international students in Korea come from China and their numbers continues to grow. Top Korean universities have already opened English-language only campuses there. The Chadwick School has opened a K-12 campus, a hospital is now being built in cooperation with John Hopkins,  and  IBM and several multinational businesses establishing a presence there.


IFEZA is succeeding in attracting the presence of important Korean and foreign universities.  Mason was first approached by IFEZ in 2008.  In December, 2009, Mason signed a support agreement with IFEZA that guaranteed just over one million dollars to be used for evaluation of and planning for opening a Songdo campus in facilities that are provided by IFEZA. One of the local officials who is interested in following developments with regard to Mason in Korea is Senator Peterson, who has promoted consideration of the campus as a long-term alliance between GMU and South Korea that would positively impact northern Virginia’s economic development. He has said that “Given the number of Korean students in Fairfax County and our proximity to the nation’s capitol, GMU is in the ideal position to mount this project.”


Over the past fourteen months a Mason team has worked with the market research firm Optimal Strategix which completed a market study on our behalf.  It is working with a top Korean law firm, Lee and Ko, to get answers to questions concerning accreditation procedures, human resources law, and transfers of funds between Korea and the US.  Curriculum development teams have created curricula plans for the possible campus.  All of these costs have been covered with funding from the 2009 support award.


The plan for a potential Mason campus at Songdo is a 1-2-1 model with the first year at Songdo, second and third years in Fairfax, and final year at Songdo.  Based on results of the market study and other research, the first majors that would be introduced to Songdo, if Mason should move forward, would be Economics and Management, followed later by Global Affairs and Environmental Studies. Delivery could be by block scheduling, semester or year-long residence, or hybrid team-taught courses.  Faculty would include individuals drawn from Mason and others recruited from abroad.  Initial enrollments would be up to 200 with an eventual student body of 2,000.


Sardinia:  At this point primarily a COS initiative with which Global is assisting as requested.  Basically the government of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia is interested in providing funds and facilities for a small program with

·        undergraduate degrees in the areas of Environmental Science and Earth Science

·        undergraduate minors in Business and Geographic Information Science

·        masters degrees in Business Administration, Environmental Science, Earth Science,  and Geospatial Intelligence

·        an English language institute


Programs will be housed in a former military base which will be refurbished by the regional government to suit our needs. The regional government is planning for an allocation of €15 million ($22.5 million) over a 4-year period to pay for the tuition of Italian students enrolled in the programs. The regional government will also provide a 20% add-on to faculty salaries to use toward travel and housing costs. The program may attract additional students from Europe or more likely northern Africa.


III.  Progress reports, business, and agenda items from Senate Standing Committees


A.  Academic Policies – Janette Muir

Academic Calendar:  The Committee decided not to recommend changes to the spring term schedule in response to a whole series of things which would create problems.  We will present a request from the Registar to extend the current three year calendar one additional year to facilitate scheduling of conferences.

AP/IB Credits/ Guest Matriculations:  We had a good meeting with the Governor’s School and plan to meet again in May. 

Honor Code Changes:  We will continue to work with the Graduate Council next year.


B.  Budget and Resources

Summary of Summer Salary Inquiry:  a draft report was circulated to the Executive Committee in advance for comment.  It was decided to delay inclusion of the report in the April 27th meeting agenda because the Provost expressed concerns about the accuracy of some of the information in the report.  We will ask the committee to check with those in the Provost Office from whom the committee culled the information before the report is distributed.


C.  Faculty Matters  – Doris Bitler

Transition for Faculty who do not receive tenure:  A faculty member was informed s/he cannot supervise graduate students in the final year and do full-time teaching.  We referred him to the Grievance Committe as an individual, and will also see whether something should be included in the Faculty Handbook to clarify this. 

Updates:  Faculty Evaluation of Administrators Survey 2010-11 is underway.  The first reminder has been distributed.  We continue to review Consensual Relationships Policy presented at October 6, 2010 FS Meeting.  We recieved information form Linda Harber about other schools' practices Faculty Retirement Transition Leave agreement not to Sue, which we will review.  Faculty Enrollment in Courses without Stipulating Admission:  There are issues beyond what we initially anticipated – Registrar Susan Jones is willing to work with us. 


D.  Nominations

Faculty Representatives to the BOV Elections:  There was a  detailed discussion of the concerns expressed about term limits  in the Faculty Handbook for Faculty Representatives to the Board of Visitors, opposed by the Chair of the Nominations Committee.  The Faculty Handbook Committee agreed to consider the issue in the next round of revisions for AY 2011-12.  A member of the Executive Committee offered to bring a motion to the Senate floor in support of the removal of term limits.  The Provost agreed to convey to the Board of Visitors the outcome of the motion to be presented at next week’s meeting.


Faculty Representatives to Presidential Search Committee Elections:  Peter Pober reported that the Board voted to reduce the number of faculty representatives, as well as reductions in other areas of the committee as well.  There will be two representatives elected from the General Faculty, the Chair of the Faculty Senate, and a facuty member appointed by the Provost, as well as one student, one staff, and one alumni representative and maybe seven or eight Board members, the chair of the Board of Trustees, and three community people.  It was noted that there were four faculty reps on the last Presidential Search Committee; the chair of the Faculty Senate was not on it; this is a (backup/retreat)  from the rhetoric of the last six months.


E.  Organization and Operations – Star Muir

O&O Assignment Spreadsheet   (Attachment A) was reviewed, and the following updates discussed.

Also to add Non-Traditional Credits (AP/IB Credits) to list. 


Elections of Faculty Senators 2011-12:  Concern was expressed that CHSS has not yet sent out information about the Faculty Senate elections.  We will send out an email encouraging the deans to do so (if they have not done so already). 


IV.  Other Committees/Faculty Representatives

·         University Space and Expression Committee will meet soon to discuss its response to University Counsel's recommendations on the Committee's  proposal on free speech code.

·         Faculty Handbook Revisions approved by the Faculty Senate April 6th pending BOV approval May 4, 2011

·         Presidential Task Force on Recent Police Events:  Peter Pober co-chairs the Task Force with Rose Pascarell.  We had an open forum last week and another open forum is scheduled for Wednesday (April 20) for two hours.  We are also meeting with the Resident Advisors.  Some concerns have been expressed and recommendations will be made.  He encourages faculty to attend the forums.

·          BOV Faculty Representatives:   Efficiency Study by Huron Group – to request a copy from Mary Roper.  Effective Teaching/Evaluation May 4th presentation at BOV APDUC Meeting


V.  Agenda Items for April 27, 2011


VI.  New Business, Updates,  and Discussion


Respectfully submitted,

Meg Caniano

Faculty Senate clerk


Log Number




Sent To


Final Resolution


Adjunct/Contingent faculty due process not rehired

Earle Reybold


Faculty Matters

Not much protection in the handbook for adjuncts.

No action.


ICAR change from institute to school

Susan Hirsch



Resolution brought to full Senate.

Senate passed.


Review of Faculty Senate Charter

Faculty Senate



Carry over from 0910



Increasing bureaucracy at Mason

Boehm-Davis/Smith, CHSS leadership



CHSS faculty meeting:  Assessment, Human Subjects Review, Scheduling, the Bookstore, and Parking

Provost creating group, 2-3 Faculty Senators will be invited.


Code of Ethics

Tom Hennessey



Feedback and amendments to reduce vagueness.

Resolution revised and endorsed by Faculty Senate; sent to Hennessey for possible BOV consideration.


Common Exams

Phil Buchanan


Academic Policies




Bid allocation between Krasnow and ICAR (SCAR)

Susan Hirsch




Resolved, no change.


Membership in the Diversity Committee

Peter Pober



Resolution to be brought to full Senate.

Term faculty allowed.


Public display of salary information on FS website

Mark Houck



Forwarded to Executive Committee.

Secured behind password interface.


Voluntary Faculty Practice

Jean Moore


Faculty Matters

Resolution sent to FM, endorsed for presentation to Senate.

Resolution revised through FM, passed by the Faculty Senate


Catalog copy alerting students to multiple exam options

Janette Muir


Academic Policies




General Release and Covenant Not to Sue

David Kuebrich


Faculty Matters




Free Speech code

Lloyd Cohen



University Counsel's office is working on this from last year's task force

Still in process in central administration.


On Student Fees to support Distance Ed courses

Nicole Darnall




Report by Distance Education Council clarified.


Stipends for MAIS advisors/tuition cost share

Nicole Darnall




Query for data still in process.


Long-term Term to Tenure track

Nicole Darnall


Faculty Matters




Creation of Recreation Advisory Committee

Jim Sanford




Amended to clarify distinction with the Athletic Council, passed by the Faculty Senate


Grade Appeal Pressure

Phil Rubin


Academic Policies




Graduate Council and Academic Policies Committee

Susan Trencher


Academic Policies


AP representative selected to serve on the Graduate Council; bylaws revisited in the future


Graduating Under One Catalog--Minor Exception

Susan Jones/APAC


Academic Policies


Passed by Senate.


Cross-list courses exemption

Anne Nicotera


Academic Policies




Task force on private giving to George Mason University

David Kuebrich


EXC/Full Senate


Created by the Faculty Senate and fully staffed


Academic Calendar

James Bennett


Academic Policies


In process, gathering data.


Revision to the Honor Code

Rick Diecchio


Academic Policies


Awaiting new leadership.


Revision to the Academic Initiative Committee charge

Thomas Speller



Amendment vetted EXC, sent to Faculty Senate

Revised amendment passed.


Committee on Effective Teaching Rep to Distance Ed Cncl

James Bennett



Representative appointed to DE Council; charge to Faculty Senate

Member selected, structural change still under consideration.


Faculty enrolling as student to audit course

Susan Trencher


Faculty Matters




Call for unit FTE and Senate Bid allocations by March 1

Peter Pober



Request for official FTE numbers sent to Kris Smith



School of Public Policy terms

Edward Rhodes



Length of terms unclear; query on returning Senators

Informed SPP they elect terms as desired.






Faculty Senate Resolution Recommending the Establishment of a Ombudsman
or a Committee to Collect Information on Complaints and Concerns
Regarding Campus Police Actions

WHEREAS in response to various actions taken by the Campus Police,
President Merten has convened a “Presidential Task Force to seek input
for members of the Mason community on their interactions and experiences
with the University Police Department”; and

WHEREAS members of the University community have expressed concerns and
complaints at the Task Force’s meetings regarding various Police
actions; and

WHEREAS no “voice mechanism” currently exists where complaints about
Police actions can be reported and collected;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED by the Faculty Senate that the Presidential
Task Force be urged to recommend in its final report to the Central
Administration that an Ombudsperson be appointed or that a Committee be
established to collect and document complaints and concerns about the
actions of Mason’s Police Department.