MONDAY, OCTOBER 28, 2013   

Mason Hall D1, 1:00 – 2:30 p.m.


Senators Present:  Jim Bennett, Charlene Douglas, Star Muir, Peter Pober, Joe Scimecca, Peter Stearns, Susan Trencher.


I.  Announcements

T. Mills Kelly, Chair of the Provost Search Committee will speak at the Nov. 7th meeting.  The ad is out, people are beginning to apply.  Mark Smith, Director of State Government Relations, will also speak at the Nov. 7th meeting.


II.  Progress reports, business, and agenda items from Senate Standing Committees

A.  Academic Policies – Suzanne Scott, Chair

(with thanks to Suzanne Scott for reviewing/editing)

Purview of the Graduate Council and the Academic Policies Committee:  A proposal from the Graduate Council to limit the time PhD candidates have to complete doctoral degrees (nine years) was distributed, asking for catalog change university-wide.  Cody Edwards, Associate Provost for Graduate Education was unavailable to attend today’s meeting, but plans to attend the next Executive Committee meeting (November 25, 2013) to answer questions and discuss procedures. Concerns expressed by the Executive Committee included:

·         Role of the Graduate Council to approve new procedure; role of the Academic Policies Committee in presenting catalog changes impacting units across the university requires Faculty Senate approval; an issue of direct faculty concern.

·         Some saw nine-year limit as unreasonable for part-time students pursuing PhDs.  Students who enter PhD programs without masters’ degrees require different kind of course work.  Some units in favor of and approved the change.   

·         When does the nine-year clock begin?   Enrollment in first class or post comps? 

·         By-laws of the Graduate Council distributed.  Each college has its own curriculum, role of Graduate Council in lieu of Graduate School.

·         Variations among academic units in selection/election of faculty representatives to the Graduate Council, communication within academic units.  The AP Committee will contact CHSS to ascertain how their representatives to the Graduate Council are selected.

·         Does this proposal exclude EdDs and other doctoral degrees?

·         Need for appeals process to address medical issues.  Individual units may have appeals processes, vary across units. 

·         Departments also have the right not to accept credits towards a degree.  What suffices for a residency requirement?


Provost Stearns noted the proposal sets nine years after admission, currently eleven years.  There is an appeals process, but he does not know details. He noted that much of the work in Graduate Council goes across units, and  he stated that AP Committee should not be involved in the minutia.


Dominique Banville is the AP Committee representative to the Graduate Council, and Cody Edwards will attend the AP committee meetings whenever there is a graduate education issue on the agenda. He will be invited to attend the November 25 Senate Executive Committee meeting. Suzanne Scott will meet with him before the next AP meeting.


B.  Budget and Resources – Susan Trencher, Chair

We just sent salary data request to Linda Harber, copying Gil Brown, whose employee crunches data, and Meg.  Joe Scimecca and I will meet with Cathy Evans (Director, Special Projects and Summer Term) on Wednesday.


C.  Faculty Matters no report.


D.  Nominations – no report.                       


E.  Organization and Operations – Star Muir, Chair

We are working on some committee charges.  General Education has a possibility for renaming, as does NIAL, and have spoken with the director of the WAC Committee. Committee structure business is ongoing.  In response to question raised, will research last time Teaching Evaluation Forms came up for review. We will also check with committees who have not yet elected a chair. 


IV.  Other Committees/Faculty Representatives

Charlene has asked a number of committees if they want to include a report on the agenda.  There is no report/update from the Faculty Handbook Committee.


V.   New Business, Updates, and Discussion

MasonvaleMotion to appoint a faculty member to the Board of Masonvale – after some discussion, decided to include as agenda item for discussion at Senate meeting. 

INTO:  Chair Douglas encouraged faculty to attend the upcoming Forum. The ELI faculty are all term faculty and all teach 12 credits now.  Concern that they would have to teach at least 18 credits/5 courses per semester.  Some ELI faculty also serve as advisors.  Consensus among EXC this is way more than faculty should be asked to do.  What does “contact hours” mean?  ELI faculty terrified they could lose their jobs.


VI .  Agenda Items for November 6,  2013 FS Meeting



Respectfully submitted,

Meg Caniano

Faculty Senate clerk