Faculty Senate Meeting

January 18, 1995

Members Present: Albanese Blaisten-Barojas Boileau Censer Conti Dinan Gantz Hamburger Hammond Lont Metcalf Rosenzweig Rossini Ruth Sanford Spikell Tabak Taylor Thomas Tongren Torzilli Travis Zoltek

Members Absent: Alligood Buckley Carty Chang Crockett Elstun Fulmer Fuchs Hurt Jensen Johnson Krauss Manne Mellander Mitchell Oates Potter Rosenblum Sage Sofer Todd Wright Wood

Guests Present: Ackerman Anwah Jones McKalip Richardson

I. Call to Order

The Chair, Anita Taylor, called the meeting to order at 3:07 P.M.

II. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the December 7, 1994 meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Announcements

Ms. Taylor announced that the Senate would continue to meet in Robinson B113 for the remainder of the semester. Guests attending Senate meetings will be asked to sign an attendance sheet, and their attendance will be recorded in the minutes.

IV. Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business.

V. New Business

A. Senate Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee
Ms. Taylor reported that the Executive Committee had discussed three issues related to interpre- tation of the Faculty Handbook. First, the selection process for institute directors should be the same as that for department chairs, but, because institute directors do not serve fixed terms (and therefore are not reviewed periodically for renewal), faculty evaluation of directors should be accomplished through the annual faculty evaluation of administrators instrument. Ms.Taylor noted that this recommendation went beyond Handbook interpretation, and it should be submitted to the Board of Visitors for approval. Second, grievances filed by University Professors should be heard in the Local Academic Unit in which the grievant has primary affiliation. Third, "right of return" to a Local Academic Unit by a faculty member who changes primary affiliation should be negotiated prior to the change.

2. Academic Policies Committee
There was no report.

3. Faculty Matters Committee
Mr. Censer reported that the Committee found no reason to pursue a complaint of age discrimination against senior tenured faculty. He also reported that the Committee had forwarded to the Executive Committee a third-party recommendation that opportunities for competitive leave be described in the Faculty Guide. The University Equity Office is prepared to commence a salary analysis by mid-semester to determine whether possible gender inequities exist. The Committee will monitor this process. The Committee has also initiated the annual faculty evaluation of administrators and would appreciate comments regarding ways to increase response rate.

4. Organization and Operations Committee

There was no report.

5. Facilities and Support Services Committee
Mr. Spikell reported that a section of the Patriot Center is set aside for faculty, staff and students. Concert tickets for this section require a GMU identification card.

6. Nominations Committee
Mr. Rosenzweig reported that the Committee nominated Ronald Levy and Hung Nguyen from CAS, Margaret Dear from NHS, Arun Sood from SITE, and William Martin from GSE to serve on the ad hoc University Grievance Committee. They were elected by voice vote without dissent.

B. Other Committees
There were no reports of any other committees.

VI. Other New Business

A. Ms. Taylor briefly discussed her meetings in Richmond with the staff of SCHEV and with the Commonwealth Foundation of Virginia, a group of citizens pressing for traditional Virginia values in higher education. The Governor's proposed budget includes removal of money from general funds for faculty salary increases and does not restore money to George Mason to correct the accounting error whereby funds were not authorized after the university agreed to accept additional students. The proposed budget also reduces funding for SCHEV, attempt- ing to move higher educational policy toward greater administrative control. Faculty are strongly encouraged to express their views to Northern Virginia legislators prior to final budget consideration.

Ms. Taylor then introduced Ms. Helen Ackerman, Vice President for University Relations, who presented and discussed with Senators a fact sheet regarding higher education funding in Virginia and to George Mason specifically. During discussion, it was suggested that faculty make a concerted effort to educate friends, neighbors and colleagues of the impending problems and that media outlets (e.g., National Public Radio) be considered for disseminating information to a wider audience.

Mr. Boileau MOVED and it was SECONDED that the Executive Committee be empowered to move in appropriate ways to express current budget issues to the larger publics and to examine ways to appropriately encourage students and neighbors to contact their legislators. The motion PASSED by voice vote without dissent.

VII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:10 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

James F. Sanford

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