May 3, 1995

Members Present: Albanese Alligood Blaisten-Barojas Boileau Conti Crockett Dinan Elstun Fuchs Gantz Hammond Jensen Lont Oates Rosenblum Rossini Sanford Sofer Spikell Taylor Thomas Tongren Torzilli Wood Zoltek

Members Absent: Buckley Carty Censer Chang Fulmer Hamburger Hurt Johnson Krauss Manne Mellander Metcalf Potter Rosenzweig Ruth Sage Tabak Todd Travis Wright

Guests Present: Kirby Reed, Stephanie Stewart, Sharon Richardson, Karole McKalip, Wayne Perry, Joe Scimecca, Susan Jones, Michael McDermott, Chris Thaiss.

I. Call to Order

The Chair, Anita Taylor, called the meeting to order at 3:04 P.M.

II. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the April 12, 1995 meeting were amended by adding "on behalf of the Faculty Senate" after "...GMU Senate Executive Committee" in the report of the Executive Committee. The minutes were then approved as amended.

III. Announcements

Mr. Sanford announced that Ms. Angela Willson-Quayle has been hired to replace Margaret Swartz in the Faculty Senate office. He also requested that correspondence sent to him for wider distribution be submitted in hard copy.

Ms. Taylor announced that SCHEV Council Notes would be distributed with the minutes of this meeting.

IV. Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business.

V. New Business

Ms. Taylor requested that the agenda be completed out of its published order to allow reports of Other Committees to precede Senate Committee reports. Senators agreed to this change.

A. Other Committees

1. Athletic Council
Mr. Emsley distributed the Official NCAA 1994 Graduation-Rates Report that is sent to athletic recruits and their parents. GMU graduation rates reflect the transient nature of the student population. Athletes tend to enter as freshmen and remain at GMU; thus, their graduation rate is higher than that of other students. Mr. Emsley is currently conducting exit interviews with athletes; to date, interviewees have been completely positive about their educational experiences at GMU. The NCAA accreditation report is expected in the near future. Ms. Elstun noted that a member of the Athletic Council elected by the Senate is required to report annually to the Senate.

2. Committee on Effective Teaching
Ms. Sofer reported that the Committee had met fifteen times during the 1994-95 academic year, dealing primarily with four issues: (a) a new format for reporting course evaluation results; (b) peer review as a component of teaching/learning; (c) orientation for new faculty before fall semester; and (d) a series of workshops on teaching/learning during the year. The Committee was a cosponsor of these workshops.

3. Undergraduate Nontraditional, Interdisciplinary and Adult Learning Committee
Mr. Robert Honeychuck submitted a written report.

4. Library Committee
Ms. Lont reported that the Committee continues to monitor library activities. The Committee submitted a written report.

5. Minority Affairs Committee
Mr. Thomas summarized Committee activities and submitted a written report.

6. Committee on Writing Across the Curriculum
Mr. Zoltek acknowledged the contributions of Mr. Thaiss, Director of the Writing Across the Curriculum program. The Committee submitted a written report.

B. Senate Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee
There was no report.

2. Academic Policies Committee
There was no report.

3. Faculty Matters Committee
Mr. Wood submitted a preliminary written report of Committee activities. He also reported that a data base for examining possible gender-based salary inequities is being developed. In addition, related to sexual harassment, a referral network is established and informational leaflets distributed.

The issue of a lowered summer salary cap in some academic units was extensively discussed. Mr. Wood reported that he had polled deans and institute directors about summer salaries and had received responses from some of them. There is a wide range of policies, some negotiated and some not negotiated with faculty. There are two issues: (a) what is the definition of proper consultation, and (b) how equitable are opportunities and pay for summer teaching. Mr. Wood cited the Faculty Handbook (see No. 7 in Attachment G) and noted that the memorandum from the College of Arts and Sciences dean's office last October does not appear to constitute adequate consultation. During discussion, it was also revealed that the Institute for the Arts may also have adjusted summer salaries without proper consultation. Mr. Wood will communicate by letter to the dean of CAS and to the director of the Institute for the Arts as soon as possible on the matter of 1995 summer school consultation and continued consultation for subsequent summers.

Mr. Boileau MOVED and it was SECONDED to endorse the Faculty Matters Committee report that, in accord with the Faculty Handbook, deans and institute directors be required to consult with faculty regarding potential changes in summer salaries. Mr. Wood supported the motion and pointed out that consultation is required for this summer as well as future summers. The motion PASSED by voice vote without dissent.

Mr. Wood reported that the Committee recommends that an ad hoc committee be established to review equity and procedures for determining summer salaries and their relationship to the Faculty Handbook. Mr. Jensen suggested that the Organization and Operations Committee should undertake this effort. He MOVED and it was SECONDED that the Organization and Operations Committee be so instructed. Ms. Elstun MOVED and it was SECONDED to AMEND the motion by referring it to the Nominations Committee. The amendment PASSED by voice vote without dissent. The main motion as amended PASSED by voice vote without dissent.

4. Organization and Operations Committee
Ms. Elstun reported that the Committee is withdrawing the motion submitted on Attachment B of the agenda. The other motion regarding an ad hoc University Committee on Diversity Issues PASSED by voice vote without dissent.

On behalf of the Committee, Mr. Boileau MOVED that the Faculty Senate joins in appointing the Task Force on Flexible Scheduling. Mr. Boileau suggested that the committee consult widely with faculty and administrators on all campuses. The motion PASSED by voice vote without dissent.

Ms. Elstun reported that the Committee had considered two other items. First, the status of GMU's regulation prohibiting firearms on campus is currently under review by the Attorney General. Second, the Committee has referred to the Faculty Matters Committee a request that a study of grievance procedures be undertaken. The Faculty Matters Committee has been instructed to consult with individual units and chairs of grievance committees on this issue.

5. Facilities and Support Services Committee
Mr. Spikell submitted a written final report. Mr. Rossini reported that Mr. David Rossell is examining issues related to early retirement, including the possibility of phased retirement.

6. Nominations Committee
There was no report.

VI. Other New Business

A. Mr. Sanford distributed a list of candidates for the Bachelor of Individualized Study degree and MOVED that these candidates be approved as certified by the Registrar and with silent correction of clerical errors. The motion was SECONDED and PASSED by voice vote without dissent.

B. Mr. Boileau withdrew Motion A from Attachment F of the agenda and MOVED the second motion of that attachment:

That the Senate approve an ad hoc committee to investigate the operation and implications of a + and - grading system so as to make a formal proposal by November 1995; that the committee be composed of seven people, including four present Senators to be appointed by Dr. Taylor [as Chair of the Faculty Senate] and three others to include a representative of the Registrar's Office, a representative of the student body and a representative of the Graduate Council.

The motion was SECONDED. During discussion, Mr. Boileau pointed out that this motion was meant to operationalize the motion on a new grading system that the Senate passed last month. Other Senators questioned the withdrawal of the first motion (to rescind last month's motion) in light of establishment of such a committee. Ms. Taylor responded that any action, including rescinding the previous motion could be taken after the committee reports its findings. The motion PASSED by voice vote without dissent.

C. Mr. Wood nominated Ms. Albanese and Ms. Fuchs to serve as Senate representatives on the University Committee on Diversity Issues. They were elected by voice vote without dissent.

D. Mr. Sanford inquired as to the status of BIS 489 (Directed Readings/Research) and UNIV 441 (AIDS: Its Impact on Our Society). Both courses have been approved by the Academic Policies Committee. The Committee announcement constitutes approval.

VII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:14 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

James F. Sanford

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