Minutes of the Faculty Senate

September 14, 1994

Present: Albanese Alligood Blaisten-Barojas Boileau Censer Conti Dinan Elstun Fuchs Gantz Hamburger Hammond Jensen Metcalf Oates Rosenblum Rosenzweig Rossini Ruth Sanford Sofer Spikell Taylor Thomas Todd Tongren Travis Wood Wright Zoltek

Absent: Buckley Carty Chang Fulmer Holt Hurt Johnson Krauss Manne Mellander Potter Sage Tabak Torzilli

I. Call to Order

The Chair, Anita Taylor called the meeting to order at 3:05 P.M. and reminded attendees of seating positions for Senators and Visitors. Senators then introduced themselves and identified the constituencies which they represent.

II. Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the April 27, 1994 (continued on May 4, 1994) meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Announcements

Ms. Taylor requested that Senators record their E-mail addresses on the attendance sheet.

One duty of the Chair is to appoint a Chair Pro Tempore, a Parliamentarian and three Senate observers to meetings of the Board of Visitors. Ms. Taylor requested that Senators contact her if they are interested in these positions.

All previous Senate minutes will be entered on an electronic database by the end of the fall semester.

The Faculty Handbook has been approved by the Board of Visitors and is now a contractual document. There will be a workshop on October 3 to discuss changes in promotion and tenure policies and procedures mandated by the handbook. The workshop will be open to faculty; however, deans, institute directors, department chairs, and members of promotion and tenure committees will be specifically invited.

Ms. Taylor identified items which have been carried over from last year's agenda by Senate Committees. Mr. Tongren questioned whether Senate Bylaws were in conformity with the new Faculty Handbook. The Organization and Operations Committee will review this issue.

Meetings of the Board of Visitors during the 1994-1995 academic year are scheduled for September 21, November 16, January 25, March 22, and April 27. Meetings are open.

Mr. Sanford announced that, because of photocopying costs, attachments to the minutes of the April 27 meeting will not be included in copies sent to faculty and others who are not members of the Senate. A cover memo will indicate that attachments are available in the Faculty Senate Office.

IV. Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business.

V. New Business

A. Senate Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee
Ms. Taylor MOVED for the Committee a meeting schedule for 1994-1995. The motion PASSED by voice vote without opposition.

2. Academic Policies Committee
Ms. Travis MOVED for the Committee

To grant up to 6 hours of elective credit for military science courses. These courses are open to all academically qualified students. All courses must be approved by the Senate Academic Policies Committee. Oversight of faculty will be provided by the Provost.

During the ensuing discussion, it was pointed out that students not enrolled in ROTC could enroll in these courses but would not be eligible for commissioning as military officers. Mr. Elstun requested clarification of the content of the courses. Major Fulbrook, new commander of the George Mason ROTC battalion, responded that syllabi are currently being revised. They will include leadership, logistics, and management, and will emphasize their military applications. The motion PASSED by voice vote.

3. Faculty Matters Committee
Ms. Elstun reported that implementation of the sexual harassment policies and procedures should occur by October 1.

4. Organization and Operations Committee
Mr. Gantz reported on the Committee report.

5. Facilities and Support Services Committee
Mr. Spikell reported that the Committee will continue to pursue issues related to Parking Services, including failure to issue tickets during the first week of class.

6. Nominations Committee
Mr. Rosenzweig MOVED the Committee report.

For the Academic Policies Committee, Mr. Wood withdrew his name from nomination, and Ms. Travis was nominated from the floor. The Committee was elected by acclamation without dissent.

For the Faculty Matters Committee, Ms. Travis withdrew her name from nomination. Mr. Wood and Ms. Elstun were nominated from the floor. Mr. Censer, Ms. Rosenblum, Mr. Krauss, Ms. Fuchs and Mr. Wood were elected. For the Facilities and Support Services Committee, Mr. Thomas and Mr. Zoltek were nominated from the floor. Ms. Blaisten- Barojas, Mr. Spikell, Mr. Jensen, and Mr. Zoltek were elected on the first ballot, and Mr. Thomas was elected on a runoff ballot.

Ms. Taylor was nominated from the floor for Chair and was elected by acclamation without dissent.

Ms. Sofer was nominated from the floor and was elected by acclamation without dissent to serve as Senate representative on the Committee on Effective Teaching.

Nominees for all other positions made by the Nominations Committee were elected by acclamation without dissent.

Mr. Boileau, Mr. Hamburger, Ms. Rosenblum, Mr. Rosenzweig, and Mr. Torzilli were nominated from the floor to serve on the Nominations Committee. They were elected by acclamation without dissent.

B. Other Committees
There were no reports of any other committees.

VI. Other New Business

Ms. Elstun distributed copies of the evaluation of administrators to Senators. Copies will be distributed to local academic units in proportion to number of affiliate faculty within a week or two. On behalf of the Faculty Matters Committee, Ms. Elstun recognized the contributions of Ms. Karen Gentemann of the Office of Institutional Planning and Research for her assistance.

Ms. Taylor requested that newly elected committees meet as soon as possible to elect chairs. Results of the election should be reports to Ms. Taylor.

VII, Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:00 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

James F. Sanford

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