April 10, 1996

Present: Blaisten-Barojas, Boileau, Chung, Conti, Crockett, Eagle, Elstun, Fuchs, Gantz, Hamburger, Hammond, Metcalf, Perry, Rossini, Ruth, Sanford, Sofer, Spikell, Tabak, Taylor, Todd, Tongren, Wright, Zoltek.

Absent: Albanese, Black, Buckley, Carty, Censer, Clements, DeNys, Fulmer, Hurt, Jensen, Johnson, Kaplan, Lont, Manchester, Manne, Mellander, Mose, Potter, Robbins, Sage, Thomas, Torzilli.

Guests: O'Connor (NCC), Fletcher (Provost Office), Quinn (Law), Lee (Faculty Senate Office).

I. Call to Order

The Chair, Ms. Taylor, called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm.

II. Approval of the Minutes

The minutes of the Special Meeting on February 28, 1996, and the Meeting of March 6, 1996, were approved as distributed.

III. Announcements

Ms. Taylor reminded Senators of several events related to the dedication of the George W. Johnson Student Learning Center and the International Week Programs scheduled this week. The official dedication ceremony for the Johnson Center is scheduled for Friday afternoon.

Ms. Taylor introduced Mr. Keith Segerson, Director, Telecommunications and Client Support. Mr. Segerson briefly discussed initiatives of UCIS and their impact on faculty. Senators expressed appreciation for Mr. Segerson's presentation and for the user-friendly nature of UCIS. Mr. Segerson acknowledged that until the UCIS office is fully staffed and additional upgrades are brought on-line, potential problems of access to UCIS personnel will remain. Mr. Segerson requested faculty contact him at 33400 or via e-mail at with comments, questions or suggestions.

IV. Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business.

V. New Business

A. Senate Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee

Ms. Taylor reported that the post-tenure review report has been received by SCHEV. SCHEV requested further information regarding how long "unsatisfactory" ratings should continue before sanctions begin. George Mason's response is that three consecutive "unsatisfactory" ratings will likely lead to sanctions. This response is a clarification of actions already approved by the Faculty Senate in the post-tenure review policy and of policies described in the Faculty Handbook.

Ms. Taylor also reported that the issue of procedures for promotion and tenure review when faculty have split appointments among two or more LAU's will be considered by the Faculty Matters Committee. The Committee will report in time for Fall 1996 reviews.

Ms. Taylor announced that Larry Bowen, Mary Hammond, James Metcalf, Joe Scimecca and Robert Smith will continue to serve on a task force considering Summer School Salaries. Small adjustments have been made in 1996 salaries. The goal is to find ways to implement the salary policy approved by the Faculty Senate at the November 8, 1995 meeting by Summer 1997.

Esther Elstun, Donald Gantz, James Sanford and Anita Taylor will serve as faculty representatives on a committee to review budget priorities and discuss ways to involve faculty in the budget process.

President Johnson has responded to the recommendation of the Faculty Senate regarding official institute status for the Institute for Educational Transformation.

2. Academic Policies Committee
Ms. Elstun presented an information report regarding repeating courses with a grade of C or better.

3. Faculty Matters Committee
Mr. Boileau announced that the Committee will meet at noon on April 12th in the School of Nursing Conference Room to begin discussion of procedures for promotion and tenure review when faculty have split appointments.

4. Organization and Operations Committee
Ms. Taylor pointed out that the O & O Committee determines allocation of elected Senate seats. Only in case of a challenging motion would the Senate debate the allocation. The Dean of New Century College is allotted a Senate seat by virtue of office.
Mr. Spikell presented the 1996-1997 allocation. The allocation is proportional to faculty FTE in schools, colleges and the institute pool, as determined by the Senate Charter.

On behalf of the Committee, Mr. Spikell MOVED to elect Senators to Senate Standing Committees for two-year terms, effective January 1997. Since this motion requires a change in the Senate Charter, discussion at two Senate meetings is mandated. Discussion centered around the timing of the motion, since the Committee will continue to review the overall structure of the Senate and Senate Standing Committees through the 1996-1997 academic year. Senators also questioned why the motion mandated committee elections at midyear, out of phase with Senate elections. Senators expressed support for two-year committee terms, but suggested that the issue should be considered in context of the larger organizational issue. Ms. Elstun MOVED and it was SECONDED to refer the issue back to Committee in order that it be considered as part of the overall Senate structure. Mr. Boileau suggested that Committee recommendations might include an introduction and training session for new Senators. The MOTION to REFER PASSED by voice vote without dissent.

5. Facilities and Support Services
Mr. Zoltek reported that the Committee is disturbed by increasing reports that private vendors, including Parking Services, are more responsive to University Officers and Senators than to the public as a whole. The Committee continues to monitor performance of service contractors.

6. Nominations Committee
Ms. Taylor reminded Senators that letters to deans and college chairs regarding election of Senators will be distributed soon. The Faculty Handbook does not specify procedures by which elections should be conducted, but it mandates that Senators who do not serve as a result of their positions must be elected rather than appointed. Mr. Sanford reported that draft letters have been prepared and Senators should check those letters to be sent to their own units for accuracy.

B. Other Committees

1. Faculty Senate of Virginia
Ms. Conti reported that she and Ms. Taylor attended a meeting at which post-tenure review policies were discussed. She concluded that George Mason's policy was more constructive and less punitive than others in the State. Furthermore, the Faculty Senate appeared to be more involved in the process of developing the policy than were faculty bodies at other  institutions.

VI. Other New Business

On behalf of the General Faculty, Mr. Tongren presented the following Resolution of Appreciation:

"The Faculty Senate members extend their thanks and appreciation on behalf of the General Faculty to Anita Taylor for her service as Chair of the Presidential Search Committee and to Committee members Jack Censer, Roger Wilkins, and Joe Wood. It was an arduous task. WELL DONE!"

The Resolution was approved with a resounding AYE and enthusiastic applause.

Ms. Taylor reminded faculty that President Johnson will chair his last General Faculty meeting on April 24. Mr. Boileau, Ms. Elstun and Mr. Ruth will prepare a resolution of appreciation from the Senate on behalf of the General Faculty to be presented at that meeting. Ms. Taylor will also contact Student Government leaders regarding co-hosting a reception following the meeting.

VII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 4:05 pm.

Respectfully Submitted,

James F. Sanford
Secretary, Faculty Senate

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