JANUARY 17, 1996

PRESENT:  Blaisten-Barojas, Boileau, Censer, Chung, Conti, Crockett, Eagle, Elstun, Gantz, Hamburger, Hammond, Kaplan, Lont, Metcalf, Mose, Ruth, Sanford, Sofer, Spikell, Tabak, Taylor, Thomas, Tongren, and Wright.

ABSENT:   Albanese, Black, Buckley, Carty, Clements, De Nys, Fuchs, Fulmer, Hurt, Jensen, Johnson, Manchester, Manne, Mellander, Perry, Potter, Robbins, Rossini, Sage, Todd, Torzilli, and Zoltek.


GUESTS:   Randy Lytton (Individualized Studies), Cathy McCormick (MAIS), Cameron Quinn (Law), and Jennifer Lee (Faculty Senate).



I.   Call to Order

The Chair, Anita Taylor, called the meeting to order at 3:03 PM.



II.  Approval of Minutes


The minutes of the December 6,1995,meeting were approved as distributed.



III. Announcements

Ms.Taylor announced that the Presidential Search Committee held an open


forum at the Law School on January 6, with another scheduled for February 5


at 2:00 in the University Learning Center Ballroom.Faculty, students, and


others are encouraged to attend and may address questions and comments to


the Committee. Those who wish to speak at the meeting should call 993-8699


to register. No closing date has been established for receipt of




Ms.Taylor announced that Mr.Scimecca had met with members of the


administration regarding Summer school salaries. The anticipated


implementation date of the policies approved at the November 8, 1995,


meeting is Summer,1997.


Ms.Taylor corrected the December 6, 1995, meeting announcement regarding


faculty salary increases. The governor's recommendation is unclear regarding


1996-97 salaries. A 5% raise is proposed for 1997-98.


Mr.Sanford announced that implementation of electronic distribution of


Senate minutes and agendas is delayed pending upgrade of the computer in the


Faculty Senate Office.



IV.  Unfinished Business



A.   Dean's List Requirement Change

Ms. Lont MOVED for the Academic Policies Committee that the following change


in the recognition policy be reflected in the University Catalog (Page 53,


1995-96 undergraduate catalog):


FROM:  Students who take at least 12 credit hours in a semester and earn a


grade point average of 3.500 or higher for courses attempted that semester


merit placement on the Dean's List.



TO:  Students in degree status who take at least 6 credit hours in a


semester and earn a grade point average of 3.500 or higher for courses


attempted that semester merit placement on the Dean's List.



Mr. Spikell expressed support for the change, as many students in the


Graduate School of Education are part-time, and their accomplishments can be


recognized if the motion passes.  Mr. Hamburger suggested requiring a 3.50


GPA in twelve hours accumulated over several semesters; however, Mr. Lytton


reported that this had been considered and was not workable from an


administrative point of view.  In addition, Mr. Lytton expressed the value


of the idea that students should be honored for performance during the


semester they achieved a high GPA.



The motion PASSED by voice vote.


B.   Fall 1996 Calendar Modifications


Ms. Elstun reported that the Academic Policies Committee had approved some


changes in the Fall, 1996, calendar.  This action is reported to the Senate


as an Information Item.

V.   New Business

A.   Senate Committee Reports

1.   Executive Committee


Ms. Taylor distributed an Executive Committee working paper which, in final


form, will serve as an interpretive document for part of Section 1.3.2 of


the Faculty Handbook.  The working paper addresses procedures to ensure


adequate consultation with the Faculty Senate when organizational changes


are planned.  Ms. Taylor presented the paper to the Senate as an information


item for discussion during New Business.

2.   Academic Policies Committee


Ms. Elstun reported that the Committee will meet from 3:00 to 4:30 in


conference room 243 of the University Learning Center on January 23,


February 6, February 20, March 5, and March 19.  Good standing for athletes


(Ms. Todd) and policies regarding retaking of courses (Mr. Crockett) are the


scheduled topics for the first meeting.

3.   Faculty Matters Committee


Mr. Boileau reported that the Committee will meet in February to discuss


consequential post-tenure review.  Such review has been mandated by SCHEV. 


At present, the Committee is expected to recommend approval for use of the


annual salary/merit review for this post-tenure review requirement.  The


Committee is considering recommending certain policies for those few faculty


who receive an unsuccessful review.  The Committee is trying to balance fair


procedures with a necessity to make efforts at remediation before current


procedures for dismissal are applied.  Mr. Coffinberger, Mr. Fletcher and


Ms. Tyer are assisting the Committee on this matter.


3.   Organization and Operations Committee

Mr. Spikell reported that all items before the Committee have been referred


to other committees except a request from the School of Nursing regarding


Senate representation when an elected Senator affiliates with another unit.



4.   Facilities and Support Services Committee


Ms. Taylor reported for Mr. Zoltek that at least two incidents of building


access difficulty during the Winter holiday break have been reported.  Mr.


Zoltek requested that others contact him if they are aware of additional


access problems.  Mr. Spikell pointed out that similar problems have


occurred during other periods when the university was closed.



5.   Nominations Committee


Ms. Kaplan asked whether the vacancy on the Minority Affairs Committee had


been filled.  The Committee will look into this matter.



B.   Other Committees

1.   Faculty Senate of Virginia

Ms. Hammond reported that she will attend the Faculty Senate of Virginia


meeting with SCHEV on January 27, 1996.

VI.  Other New Business


Ms. Taylor opened the floor for discussion of the Executive Committee


Working Paper regarding procedures to ensure adequate consultation when


organizational change is planned.  The bracketed items indicate points of


disagreement in wording or policy.  Ms. Taylor reported that the Executive


Committee is scheduled to meet with the Provost on January 31; this document


will be the primary item on the agenda.



Mr. Tongren suggested that procedures enacted in the document be applied


retroactively to the implementation of the present Faculty Handbook.  Mr.


Thomas questioned the wisdom of compressing the timetable for consideration


of the Institute for Educational Transformation.  This results in an


exception to the document's stipulation in its first application.  Ms.


Elstun suggested deleting the clause, "If the development...about the


proposed change," in the last paragraph on the first page.  Ms. Blaisten-


Barojas recommended that the document contain a reference to how the new LAU


will be represented in the Faculty Senate.



Ms. Taylor pointed out that when approved, this document will be issued as


an attachment to the Faculty Handbook.  She also said that the proposal for


the Institute for Educational Transformation is currently being prepared


using a draft copy of this document.

VII. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 3:46 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,


James F. Sanford

Secretary, Faculty Senate




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