March 5, 1997

Senators Present: Albanese, P. Black, Boileau, Conti, Crockett, De Nys, Deshmukh, Elstun, Fuchs, Gantz, Hamburger, High, Hurt, Jensen, Manchester, L. Miller, O'Connor, Potter, Rine, Rosenblum, Ruhling, Sofer, Spikell, Tabak, Taylor, Travis, Wilkie, Wood, and Zoltek.

Senators Absent: Bergman, W. Murray Black, Blaisten-Barojas, Carty, Clements, Eagle, Fulmer, Kaplan, Mellander, Merten, Metcalf, Mose, Muris, O'Hara, Palkovich, Perry, Ruth, Sanford, and Thomas.

Attending Guests: McKalip (Academic Advising), Bafundo (Undergraduate University Programs), Hardin (Student Government), Oates (NCC) Rootes (Faculty Senate Office)

I. Call to Order

II. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the February 12, 1997 meeting were approved as distributed.

III. Announcements
Elstun reminded the Senate of the April 4th, Inauguration Ceremony of President Merten and encouraged all to attend.

There will be a legislative workshop for the presidents/chairs of Faculty Senates of all colleges and universities in Virginia. The purpose of the workshop is to learn more about how to advocate the cause of higher education effectively to the General Assembly, and how to combine forces and work together to achieve stronger support for higher education in the Commonwealth. Each senate president/chair is encouraged to bring at least one other interested faculty leader. Anyone interested in attending with Elstun was encouraged to see her after the senate meeting for more information.

IV. Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business.

V. New Business

A. Senate Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee
Elstun reported that members of the Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the Provost's Research Advisory Council were present at the March 3 Executive Committee meeting. At the meeting D. Boehm-Davis, J. Murphy, and K. Hintz presented a history of the subcommittee and participated in a discussion of the committee's work. The Executive Committee expects to report more fully about this issue at the April meeting.

2. Academic Policies Committee
DeNys presented a motion from the Academic Policies Committee (Attachment A).

The Academic Policies Committee moves that the BAIS/BIS programs be housed in New Century College, effective with Faculty Senate approval of this motion. This motion is in response to President Merten's request to have all academic programs report directly to an academic unit. DeNys indicated that NCC was enthusiastic about the proposal and that the interdisciplinary nature of both programs made the placement appropriate. He further stated that the programs, budget,and FTE of BIS and BAIS would stay with those programs if moved to NCC. O'Connor said that some students had already transferred from BIS/BAIS to NCC at orientation. Bafundo opined that passing the motion would provide an integrated central focus, clarity, and better service for students.

The motion passed unanimously.

3. Faculty Matters Committee
Boileau reported that the committee's would meet on March 6 to finish the year's business.

4. Organization and Operations Committee
Gantz presented the 1997-1998 allocation of senate seats as follows:
CAS 18; CNHS 3; GSE/HS 3; INST 4; LAW 2; SBA 2; SITE 4

Discussion followed concerning the need to amend the Charter in this area. The allocation has been in violation of the Charter for two years. Many issues were raised including the definition of units, primary affiliations, minimum allocations, new constituencies, size of the Senate, and inclusion of restricted faculty. There was consensus that a solution must be reached before another academic year passes. (Also see motion by Boileau under "Other New Business").

Spikell presented a motion from the Organization and Operations Committee (Attachment B). The committee concludes that the present university structure should be sufficient to handle grievances. The moves to extend the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee for one (1) year, with the option of abolishing the committee, effective July 1, 1998, provided the provisions of the handbook (Chapter II Section 2.12.2 Grievances) have been met by each college, school and institute.

The motion was passed unanimously.

5. Facilities and Support Services Committee
Zoltek reported that, on behalf of the Committee, he will be attending a Parking Services retreat. He also reported that the Campus Security Task Force Report is forthcoming, and that there had been staff accidents/injuries at Thompson Hall.

6. Nominations Committee
There was no report.

B. Other Reports

1. Senate Liaisons to the Board of Visitors
The next full BOV meeting is March 26, 1997. The Student Affairs Committee will meet the evening of March 25th. Taylor said there may be a report concerning football, and that faculty may be interested because of the financial implications.

2. Faculty Senate of Virginia
There was no report.

VI. Other New Business
A. Conti reported the structure of the Resource Allocation Task Force (which was also printed in the Gazette.) She also announced the schedule of Task Force Hearings to be held March 6 and March 7th. Rootes will forward the hearing schedule via email to all senators.

B. Boileau moved that the Chair of the Faculty Senate create an ad hoc committee of seven senate members to investigate both the size of, and representation to, the Senate. Such a committee will look at the principles of representation including other than full-time instructional faculty, as well as institutes, schools and colleges. The committee shall report by the October 1997 Senate meeting. (Item V. A. 4).

Motion was seconded and passed by voice vote.

VII Adjournment at 3:50pm.

ATTACHMENT A :Motion from the Academic Policies Committee to house BAIS/BIS programs in New Century College

The Academic Policies Committee MOVES: that the BAIS/BIS programs be housed in New Century College effective with Faculty Senate approval of this motion. As a consequence of this action, New Century College will have authority over these degree programs, approve students in these programs for graduation and have oversight over any academic advisory committee to these programs. The Faculty Senate will no longer retain any direction or jurisdiction over these programs.

ATTACHMENT B: Motion from the O&O Committee to extend the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee

Move to extend the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee for one (1) year, with the option of abolishing the committee effective, July 1, 1998, provided the provisions of the handbook (Chapter II Faculty Personnel Matter 2.12.2 Grievances) have been met by each college, school and institute.

Rationale: Senators will recall that the Grievance Committee's life was extended through this year and O&O was asked to consider the need for and/or possible creation of a standing, university-wide grievance committee. O&O has concluded that so long as the provisions of the existing handbook are met, there appear to be no situations for which existing grievance policies and procedures (as specified in the handbook) are inadequate for protecting the rights of faculty. Hence, the committee has concluded that there is no demonstrable need for a permanent standing committee at this time, though there may be a few situations not yet covered by the called for provisions of the handbook. The committee believes the existing Ad Hoc Committee should be abolished as soon as possible, certainly by July, 1998, and recommends that the committee be kept active during the coming year to provide the office of the Provost sufficient time to be certain that all colleges, schools and institutes have the necessary committee's, policies, and procedures in place. It is expected that during this and next year the office of the Provost would certify to the Senate through O&O that all units indeed have complied with the handbook. When that happens, O&O, would formally make the motion to actually abolish the current Ad Hoc Committee.

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