September 17, 1997

Senators Present: P. Black, Blaisten-Barojas, Boileau, Bowen, Clements, Conti, De Nys, Deshmukh, Elstun, Fuchs, Gantz, Hale, Kaplan, Metcalf, Muir, O'Connor, Palkovich, Perry, Potter, Reid, Rine, Ruhling, Sanford, Scimecca, Sofer, Taylor, Thomas, Thorp, Travis, Weinberger, Wilkie, Zoltek

Senators Absent: Berry, Cary, Crockett, Eagle, Galluzzo, Grady, Griffiths, Merten, O'Connor, O'Hara, Struppa, Walsh

Guests Present: J. Wilkinson (Student Senate), M. Cruise (Student Senate), S. Jones (Registrar),

I. Call to Order
lstun called the meeting to order at 3:05pm. She asked that elected senators sit in the center or on her right, and that all visitors sit on the left. She reminded those present that all Senate meetings are open. Guests may participate in debate, however only Senators may introduce motions or vote.

II. Approval of Minutes
The minutes of the May 7th meeting, continued on May 14 were approved as distributed.

III. Announcements
1. Elstun introduced newly elected Senators. Ex-officio Senators by virtue of office included Gary Galluzzo (Dean, GSE), Mark Grady (Dean, Law), Teresa Domzal (Dean, SOM), and Lloyd Griffiths (Dean, SITE). Elected Senators included Star Muir, Joseph Reid, Joseph Scimecca, and Stephen Weinberger from CAS, Janet Hale (CNHS), Eva Thorp (GSE), Larry Bowen (Institutes), Alok Berry (SITE)

Newly appointed Senate Officers are James Sanford, Chair Pro Tempore; Don Boileau, Parliamentarian; Linda Miller, Sargeant at Arms; Esther Elstun, Ariela Sofer & Robert Ruhling, Liaisons to the Board of Visitors.

2. Elstun read a letter of appreciation from Catherine E. Connelly to be included in the record. Dr. Connelly is leaving George Mason University to become the Dean, School of Nursing, Marymount University:

"Dear Dr. Hamburger:
Thank you for sending me a copy of the Faculty Senate Resolution of May 14, 1997. I am deeply touched by the support and kind words of my colleagues and appreciate your sharing them with me. The friendships and support of faculty colleagues at George Mason has been a special and rich contribution to my professional life.

Thank you also for your kind words and good wishes.

Best wishes.
Sincerely, Catherine E. Connelly, D.N.Sc., R.N.
Professor, Academic Programs Coordinator George Mason University Arlington Campus"

3. Cheryl Rootes, Senate Staff Secretary, will be leaving the Senate for another full-time position at the University. Elstun expressed appreciation for Rootes service, sorrow for her departure and congratulations on her promotion.

4. Travis announced Campaign Watch 97. During the coming election year, President Merten will invite candidates to speak on campus and Travis will coordinate visits with class schedules. Please provide your class times to Travis if you wish to participate. IV Unfinished Business There was no unfinished business.

V New Business

A. Committee Reports

1. Executive Committee
In addition to Attachment A, Elstun reported that the Nominations Committee has been asked by Joseph Wood (Vice Provost for Academic Affairs) to create an Ad-hoc Committee that would conduct a comprehensive review of the University Catalogue.

2. Academic Policies Committee
De Nys reported that all current items under consideration were listed on Attachment A.

3. Facilities and Support
Zoltek reported that in addition to the items on Attachment A, Zoltek was asked to serve on a new hiring committee.

4. Faculty Matters
Boileau reported that he and Elstun had met with Ken Bumgarner and David Swanson concerning reorganization/privatization of the bookstore and that he would have a report in October.

5. Nominations Committee
Taylor presented the slate of committee nominees prepared by the Nominations Committee and reviewed additions and changes to the slate of nominees as follows:
a) Correction to show Larry Bowen from TIPP, rather than GSE
b) Delete Ravi Athale as a nominee for the Facilities and Support Services Committee, and insert David Rine (SITE) as the nominee
c) Delete Toni Travis as representative to the Faculty Senate of Virginia, and insert Ann Cary (CNHS)
d) Insert the following nominees for the Resource Planning and Management Task Force: One Year Terms: Roberta Conti (CNHS) and Klaus Fischer (CAS) Two Year Terms: Tom Brawley (CAS) and Gwendolyn Halford (Library)
e) Insert Lawrence Butler (CAS) and Kim Eby (NCC) as Faculty Senate Nominees to the Library Director Search Committee
f) Within the past week three members of the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee have resigned. Several reasons preclude use of the usual procedure for filling ad hoc committee vacancies by election by the Senate after solicitation of nominees by the Nomination Committee. There is at least one case pending, making it an urgent necessity to repopulate the committee. The committee may have a limited life, as the O&O Committee is charged to review whether this committee should exist as a University Standing Committee. The O&O has indicated to the Senate in a previous report that the ad hoc committee should end in June 1998.

Therefore, the Nomination Committee MOVES that the Senate authorize its Chair to appoint replacements for 1997-98 to the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee.

In addition to these previously announced changes Taylor reported that Wayne Thale had volunteered for service on the Athletic Council but had been overlooked and that Hun Lee (SOM) should be added as nominee for the Writing Across Curriculum Committee.

Senate Standing Committees

The following Senators were elected by acclamation. (See Attachment F for a complete roster of University and Senate Standing Committees) Lots will be drawn in committee to determine one and two year terms. Elstun asked that a Chair ProTem from each committee, convene the first meeting to elect a committee chair. Chairs ProTem would be the committee member whose last name is closest to the beginning of the alphabet.

Academic Policies: Larry Bowen, Martin De Nys, Marion Deshmukh, Deborah Kaplan, James Sanford Faculty Matters: Don Boileau, Roberta Conti, Joseph Scimecca, Eva Thorp, Steven Weinberger Facilities and Support Services: Peter Black, Janet Hale, David Rine, Patrick Wilkie, Stanley Zoltek

Organization and Operations: Estella Blaisten-Barojas, John Crockett, Star Muir, Ann Palkovich, Toni-Michelle Travis Nominations for members of the Nominations Committee were taken from the floor. The following senators were nominated and elected by acclamation: Anita Taylor, Charles Thomas, Jim Metcalfe, Linda Miller, Wayne Perry

Donald Gantz was elected by acclamation and with gratitude as Senate Secretary.

University Standing Committees (See Attachment F for a complete roster of University and Senate Standing Committees)

Academic Appeals: As a point of information it was announced that Mary Lee Vance is the Provost designee. New members elected by acclamation are: Alok Berry (Senator), Robert Hawkes, Randy Lytton, Robert Pasnak, Miriam Raskin

Athletic Council: Wayne Stalick was nominated from the floor and a paper ballot conducted. New members are: Wayne Stalick and Linda Miller

Effective Teaching Committee: New members elected by acclamation are: Rita Ailinger, Mark Goor, John Miller

Faculty Senate of Virginia: New member elected by acclamation is Ann Cary

Library Committee: New Members elected by acclamation are: Steve Diner, Joe Reid (Senator)

Minority Affairs Committee: As a point of information it was announced that the committee would draw lots to determine which of the newly elected members would serve for one year. New members elected by acclamation are: Jeng-Eng Lin, Jim LePore, Wayne Perry, Miriam Raskin

Non-traditional, Interdisciplinary, and Adult Learning: As a point of information it was announced that although Daniel Tabak is no longer a Senator, he was a senator when elected to the NIAL Committee. It was determined that he has grandfather status and will fulfill the requirement that at least one senator serve on each University Standing Committee. New members elected by acclamation are: Craig Gibson, Linda Samuels, Susan Shields

Resource Planning and Management Task Force: New Members elected by acclamation are: Roberta Conti, and Klaus Fischer (one year terms), Tom Brawley and Gwendolyn Halford (two year terms)

Writing Across the Curriculum Committee: As a point of information it was announced that including the addition of Hun Lee, there were only three nominees for four vacancies. Because New Century College offers undergraduate programs it is entitled to representation in WAC (the fourth vacancy). They have located a candidate, however he is on restricted appointment and does meet the criteria of tenure-line faculty for University governance. This issue is currently being reviewed by the Ad Hoc Charter Committee. New Members elected by acclamation are: Eugene Norris, Mary Silva

Library Director's Search Committee: Taylor presented Lawrence Butler (CAS) and Kim Eby (NCC) as Faculty Senate Nominees to the Library Director's Search Committee. They were elected by acclamation.

Taylor presented a motion on behalf of the Nominations Committee that the Chair of the Senate appoint replacements Ad Hoc Grievance Committee (See Attachment B). The motion passed by unanimous voice vote.

6. Organization and Operations Committee
James Sanford, Chair ProTempore assumed the chair. Gantz presented a motion on behalf of the committee to codify support for the Chair of the Senate (See Attachment C). The motion passed by unanimous voice vote. Elstun resumed the Chair.

7.Senate Liaisons to the Board of Visitors.
Report presented by Ruhling (See Attachment E).

8. Ad Hoc Committee on Post Tenure Review Procedures
Sofer reported that the Committee has been gathering background information and has received information about evaluation procedures used in the units. The committee will continue to meet every two weeks and expects to complete its task by May 1998 as required in their charge.

9. Ad Hoc Senate Charter Committee
Gantz reported that the committee was continuing to meet and would present a report at the October Senate Meeting

VI. Other New Business

1. Approval of 1997-98 Senate Schedule (See Attachment D)
There were questions raised concerning conflicts with BOV meetings and final exams. Elstun reported that none of the dates would conflict with board meetings. Rootes reported that a different room would have to be scheduled during final exams due to longer exam periods. The Senate however does have this room confirmed for every calendar Wednesday during the academic year. The Senate schedule was approved by unanimous voice vote.

2. University Futures Task Force Report
Joseph Wood (Vice-Provost Academic Affairs and Task Force Chair), reported that their task is not to select one of the scenarios, but to initiate dialog and to look at assumptions and values foundational to all scenarios. The Task Force is planning eight town meetings, inviting people to open conversation, and generation of ideas. The meetings will lead to the assessment of needs, decisions concerning the reallocation of resources, and focused planning activity. When questioned, Wood responded that the response of the Board of Visitors seems positive about the process.

Elstun encouraged participation in the town meetings.

3. O'Connor made a point of personal privilege. He reminded the Senate that it had been in violation of its charter for three years. He stated that although the Charter requires that each collegial unit have at least 2 elected senators, New Century College does not have any. He looks forward to the Charter Committee report in October addressing this issue.

4. Designated Chairs Pro Tem of each committee called for meetings of their new committees at the conclusion of the Senate meeting.

VII. Adjournment

Elstun adjourned the meeting at 4:15 pm.

ATTACHMENT A: Report of Pending Business of Senate Standing Committees

The Senate Chair is charged to report to the Senate each fall on business currently pending. The following report includes items pending for each of the Senate Standing Committees.

1. Declining academic standards (continued from 1995-96)
2. Retaking a course (96.21.AP)
3. Policy on observance of religious holidays (96.29.AP)

1. Consolidation and publication of handbook interpretations (continued from 1995-96)
2. Intellectual property issues
3. Consultation procedures for contemplated organizational changes

1. Parking sticker policies (96.12.FS)
2. Early retirement options (continued from 1995-96)
3. Campus lock-down policy

1. Definition of title, university professors (continued from 1995-96)
2. Post-tenure review procedures for professors with honorifics (continued from 1995-96)
3. 12-month instructional faculty appoints (96.4.FM)
4. Insurance (96.9.FM)
5. Anonymous Complaints against Faculty (96.28.FM)
6. Review of grievance procedures (continued from 1995-96)

1. Telephone messages
2. Connectivity


ATTACHMENT B: Nominations by Senate Nominations Committee for Committees of the Senate

Note that beginning this year, terms for Senate Committees are for two years. To establish rotation, lots shall be cast among committee members elected in September 1997 to determine who shall serve a one year term.

Note also that Senators may make additional nominations from the floor during the Senate meeting; AND that we have not yet proposed a full slate for all committees. This latter will be distributed via e-mail ASAP.

ACADEMIC POLICIES COMMITTEE (5 Vacancies) Nominees: Larry Bowen, (TIP), Martin De Nys (CAS), Marion Deshmukh (CAS), Deborah Kaplan (CAS), James Sanford (CAS)

FACULTY MATTERS COMMITTEE (5 Vacancies) Nominees: Don Boileau (CAS), Roberta Conti (CNHS), Joe Scimecca (CAS), Eva Thorp (GSE), Steven Weinberger (CAS)

FACILITIES AND SUPPORT SERVICES COMMITTEE (5 Vacancies) Nominees: Ravi Athale (SITE), Peter Black (CAS), Janet Hale (CNHS), Pat Wilkie (SBA), Stanley Zoltek (CAS)

ORGANIZATION AND OPERATIONS COMMITTEE (5 Vacancies) Nominees: Estella Blaisten-Barojas (SITE), John Crockett (SBA), Star Muir (CAS), Ann Palkovich (CAS), Toni Travis (CAS)

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE (5 Vacancies). these nominations must be made from the floor of the Senate as the Nominations Committee is not permitted to nominate itself.

SENATE SECRETARY. Nominee: Donald Gantz (SITE)


ACADEMIC APPEALS COMMITTEE (5 VACANCIES, 1 must be a Senator; newly established committee, Spring 1997) Continuing members: Provost's designee, ex-officio nonvoting.
Nominees: Alok Berry (SITE) (Senator), Robert Hawkes (CAS), Randy Lytton (CAS), Robert Pasnak (CAS) Miriam Raskin (NCC)

ATHLETIC COUNCIL (2 vacancies) Continuing members: Gerald Cook, Chair (appointed by Univ. President); Coilin Owens (98); Charles Thomas, Senator (98)
Nominees: Linda Miller (IOA) (Senator), Sharon deMonsabert (SITE)

EFFECTIVE TEACHING COMMITTEE (3 vacancies) Continuing members: Dean of Undergraduate Studies (ex officio) [This will need to be changed], Michelle LeBaron (ICAR) (98), Ariela Sofer, Senator (SITE) (98)
Nominees: Rita Ailinger (CNHS), Mark Goor (GSE), John Miller (SITE),

FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA (1 vacancy) These representatives serve three year terms. Continuing members: Roberta Conti, Senator (CNHS) (98); Richard Bolstein (SITE) (99)
Nominee: Toni Travis (CAS)

LIBRARY COMMITTEE (2 vacancies; one must be a Senator) Continuing members: Library Director (ex officio), Lawrence Butler, CAS; (98); Vernon Gras, CAS (98); Mary Silva, CNHS (98)
Nominees: Steve Diner (CAS), Joe Reid (CAS) (Senator)

MINORITY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE (4 vacancies, one for a one year term) Continuing members: Michael Tapscott, Minority Student Services Director (ex officio); Debra Bergoffen, CAS (98); Flavia Colonna, CAS (98); Cynthia Fuchs, CAS, Senator (98)
Nominees: Jeng-Eng Lin (CAS), Jim LePore (IOA), Wayne Perry, (TIPP), Miriam Raskin (NCC)

NON-TRADITIONAL, INTERDISCIPLINARY, AND ADULT LEARNING COMMITTEE (3 vacancies) Continuing members: Donna Bafundo, Assistant Dean, Undergraduate Studies (ex officio), Peggy Brouse, SITE (98); Daniel Tabak, SITE, Senator (98)
Nominees: Craig Gibson (Library), Linda Samuels (SBA); Susan Shields (IOA)

RESOURCE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT (formerly allocation) TASK FORCE (4 vacancies, one must be a Senator)
Nominees: To be distributed ASAP

WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE (3 vacancies) Continuing members: Chris Thaiss, WAC Coordinator (ex officio); Jeanne Sorrell, CNHS (98); Stanley Zoltek, CAS, Senator (98)
Nominees: Eugene Norris (SITE); Mary Silva (CNHS)

ATTACHMENT C: Motion from Organization & Operations Committee to Establish Support for the Chair of the Senate

The Organization & Operations Committee has studied the matter of university support for the chair of the Faculty Senate and found that:

(1) there is a history and precedent for such support, but practices have differed; some provosts have provided support and others have not; and

(2) the specific nature of support, when provided, has been quite varied and was usually a matter of negotiation between the Senate Chair and the Provost.

At GMU, one of the major research universities in Virginia, the duties and responsibilities of the Faculty Senate Chair go far beyond presiding at monthly meetings of the Senate. Support for the incumbent should be a matter of written policy and on-going practice, and should be sufficient to enable the incumbent to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office successfully. The Organization & Operations Committee therefore offers, and strongly recommends the adoption of, the following motion:

The Faculty Senate recommends to the Provost

1. that university support for the chair of the Faculty Senate become a matter of policy and on-going practice, effective with the fall semester, 1997;

2. that the support provided be at least the equivalent of one three-semester-hour course reallocation of the Senate chair's teaching assignment; and

3. that the specific type of support be selected by the Senate chair, with the concurrence of the provost, from a list of possibilities that includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following:

a. time reallocated from teaching to service as Chair of the Senate; b. time reallocated from research to service as Chair of the Senate; c. a supplemental stipend during the summer or the academic year; d. the services of a graduate assistant; e. the services of a work/study student.



September 17, 1997 September 5, 1997
October 15, 1997 October 3, 1997
November 12, 1997 October 31, 1997
December 10, 1997 November 26, 1997
January 21, 1998 January 9, 1998
February 18, 1998 February 6, 1998
March 18, 1998 March 6, 1998
April 15, 1998 April 3, 1998
May 6, 1998 April 24, 1998

Attachment E: Report from Liaisons to the Board of Visitors

The Board of Visitors met on Wednesday, August 20, 1997 in the Mason Hall Board Room. President Merten announced that the Prince William Campus will be dedicated on Wednesday, September 24,19997 at 4:00pm in Manassas. He believes that GMU will be the catalyst for the next major phase of growth in Prince William county. The ground breaking for the Prince William Recreation Center will most likely take place in November. This fall's head count of 25,000 students on campus make GMU second only to Virginia Tech. Signage on campus is being improved . New University leadership is here comprising 26 people including the President, Vice Presidents, Provosts, Deans, Directors, and Faculty Leaders. The rector welcomed the new members to the Board; indicated that there will be a retreat of the board scheduled for September 12; and the next meeting of the Board will take place on Tuesday, September 23 at 6:00pm on the Fairfax Campus with the AA/EEO and the Student Affairs Committees meeting then.. The Board will then convene on Wednesday, September 24, 1997 at the Prince William Campus for completion of meetings and the dedication of that campus.

There was no old business.

Recent faculty appointments including elections, promotions, and tenure recommendations were approved unanimously. The request for the educational Facilities Revenue Bonds Resolution - Prince William II - Loop Road and Parking was approved unanimously. The presentation by Provost Potter to establish a School of Management combining both undergraduate and graduate programs was approved unanimously.

Attachment F: 1997-98 Committee Roster


OFFICERS Esther Elstun - Chair Donald Gantz - Secretary James Sanford - Chair Pro Tempore Don Boileau - Parliamentarian Linda Miller - Sergeant At Arms

(terms will be determined by lot)

EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Esther Elstun, Chair, Estela Blaisten-Barojas, Don Boileau, Donald Gantz, Stanley Zoltek

ACADEMIC POLICIES COMMITTEE: Larry Bowen, Martin DeNys, Marion Deshmukh, Debra Kaplan, James Sanford

FACULTY MATTERS COMMITTEE: Don Boileau, Chair, Roberta Conti, Joseph Scimecca, Eva Thorp, Steven Weinberger

FACILITIES & SUPPORT SERVICES COMMITTEE: Stanley Zoltek, Chair, Peter Black, Janet Hale, David Rine,
Pat Wilkie

NOMINATIONS COMMITTEE: Anita Taylor, James Metcalf, Linda Miller, Wayne Perry, Charles Thomas,

ORGANIZATIONS & OPERATIONS COMMITTEE: Estella Blaisten-Barojas, Chair, John Crockett, Star Muir, Ann Palkovich, Toni-Michelle Travis


ACADEMIC APPEALS COMMITTEE: (terms will be determined by lot) Mary Lee Vance (Ex-Officio-Provost Designee), Alok Berry (SITE) (Member, Faculty Senate), Robert Hawkes (CAS), Randy Lytton (CAS), Robert Pasnak (CAS), Miriam Raskin (NCC),

ATHLETIC COUNCIL: Gerald Cook (SITE) Chair (Appointed by President), Linda Miller (IOA) 99 (Member, Faculty Senate), Coilin Owens (CAS) 98, Wayne Stalick (CAS) 99, Charles Thomas (GSE) 98 (Member, Faculty Senate)

RESOURCE ALLOCATION TASK FORCE FACULTY MEMBERS/appointed by Senate: Roberta Conti (CNHS) 98 (Member, Faculty Senate), Klaus Fischer (CAS) 98, Tom Brawley (CAS) 99, Gwendolyn Halford (Library) 99

FACULTY MEMBERS/appointed by Provost: Mary Ann Lecos (GSE) 99, John Sacco (CAS) 99, Karen Vaughn (CAS) 99

ACADEMIC ADMINISTRATORS: Ken Bumgarner (Dean, Student Services)99, Rita Carty (Dean, CNHS) 99, Kingsley Haynes (Director, TIPP) 99, John O'Connor (Dean, NCC) 99

STAFF MEMBERS: Donna Kidd (Budget Deputy Director) 99, Dave Rossell (AP, Administration & Budget) 99, Suzanne Swope (AVP, Enrollment Services) 99, Zita Tyer (AVP, Support Services) 99

EFFECTIVE TEACHING COMMITTEE: James Fletcher, Dean Undergraduate Studies (Ex-Officio), Rita Ailinger (CNHS) 99, Mark Goor (GSE) 99, Michele LeBaron (ICAR) 98, John Miller (SITE) 99, Ariela Sofer (SITE) 98 (Member, Faculty Senate)

FACULTY SENATE OF VIRGINIA: Rick Bolstein (AES) 99, Ann Cary (CNHS) 00, Roberta Conti (CNHS) 98 (Member, Faculty Senate)

LIBRARY COMMITTEE: John Walsh, Interim Library Director (Ex -Officio), Lawrence Butler (CAS) 98, Steve Diner (CAS) 99, Vernon Gras (CAS) 98, Joseph Reid (CAS) 99 (Member, Faculty Senate), Mary Silva (CNHS) 98

MINORITY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE: Michael Tapscott, Director, Minority Student Services (Ex- Officio), Debra Bergoffen (CAS) 98, Flavia Colonna (MATH) 98, Cynthia Fuchs (CAS) 98 (Member, Faculty Senate), Jeng-Eng Lin (CAS) 99, Jim LePore (IOA) 99, Wayne Perry (TIPP) 99 (Member, Faculty Senate), Miriam Raskin (NCC) 99

NON-TRADITIONAL, INTERDISCIPLINARY, AND ADULT LEARNING COMMITTEE: Donna Bafundo, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Ex-Officio), Peggy Brouse (SITE) 98, Craig Gibson (Library) 99, Linda Samuels (SOM) 99, Susan Shields (IOA) 99, Daniel Tabak (SITE) 98 (Member, Faculty Senate)

WRITING ACROSS THE CURRICULUM COMMITTEE: Chris Thaiss, Coordinator (Ex-Officio), Hun Lee (SOM) 99, Gene Norris (SITE) 99, Mary Silva (CNHS) 99, Jeanne Sorrell (CNHS) 98, Stanley Zoltek (CAS) 98 (Member, Faculty Senate)

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