January 27, 1999


Senators present:  K. Alligood, A. Berry, E. Blaisten-Barojas,  D. Boileau, L. Bowen, T. Brawley, J. Censer, R. Coffinberger, J. Crockett,  S. deMonsabert, M. Deshmukh, R. Ehrlich, E. Elstun, K. Gaffney, D. Gantz, H. Gortner, E. Gunn, J. Hale, M. Holt, D. Kuebrich, M. LeBaron, L. Lederman, C. Lont, B. Manchester, K. McCrohan, J. Metcalf, L. Miller, S. Muir, D. Potter, L. Rigsby, D. Rine, L. Rockwood, R. Ruhling, J. Sanford, J. Scimecca,  A. Sofer, C. Sutton, H. Tongren, S. Weinberger, J. Zenelis, S. Zoltek


Senators absent: L. Brown, R. Carty, K. Clements, T. Domzal, J. Flinn, G. Galluzzo, M. Grady, L. Griffiths, A. Merten, J. O'Connor, E. O'Hara, A. Palkovich, J. Reid, D. Struppa, A. Taylor, E. Thorp, K. Vaughn, P. Wilkie, H. Williams, S. Zaccaro


Guests present:  K. Cheney (Staff Senate Advisory Committee, IRR), M. Flaherty (Registrar’s Office), L. Irvine (Provost’s Office), S. Remick-Simkins (Staff Senate Advisory Committee, English) C. Secrist (Staff Senate Advisory Committee, Women’s Studies)


I. Call to Order


Chair E. Elstun called the meeting to order at 3:04 pm.


II.  Approval of the Minutes


The Minutes of the Faculty Senate meeting of December 9, 1998 were approved as distributed.


III.  Announcements

1.  On 3 February from 3:00-4:30 in the front multi-purpose room of the Johnson Center the Faculty Senate and the Provost will sponsor a "UNIVERSITY FORUM ON GENERAL EDUCATION: SEEKING COMMON GROUND."  Its major purpose is to learn from units other than the CAS what their expectations of general education are.  The moderator will be KAREN VAUGHN, a member of the Senate and current chair of the CAS faculty.  Six panelists, representing the academic units that are involved in general education, will make brief presentations: RANDY GABEL for New Century College; RICK DAVIS for the Institute of the Arts; GEORGINE REDMOND for the College of Nursing and Health Science; CHRIS JONES for the College of Arts & Sciences; MARY ERICKSON for the School of Management; and WILLIAM SUTTON for the School of Information Technology and Engineering.  Their presentations will be followed by general discussion in which the audience participates.  I hope you will put this event on your calendar and plan to support it with your presence and participation.


2.  Last fall I (the Chair) announced to the Senate that the Executive Committee had sent a proposal to University Rector Edwin Meese that faculty be given representation on the Board of Visitors.  At the December meeting of the board, Mr. Meese indicated that our proposal would be on the agenda of the board's retreat/planning conference at Airlie in January.  On January 20 he informed me orally (and included the information in his report at the board meeting later that day) that the proposal was not accepted; the board did, however, agree to the adoption of some practices designed to increase the opportunities for direct interaction between the board and the Faculty Senate.  Mr. Meese indicated that the board's actions will be conveyed to me in writing; when I receive his letter, I will share it with you.


3.  An op-ed piece entitled "A Faculty Perspective: What Really Matters for Virginia Higher Education," which I co-authored with faculty leaders from UVA, Virginia Tech and VCU, appeared last weekend in the Charlottesville Daily Progress and -- we hope -- will soon be published in other Virginia newspapers as well.


4.  A memorandum received today from President Merten announces the implementation of a "university-wide contact and event participation reporting system to track our corporate and community outreach efforts, increase internal communication, and eliminate duplication of efforts."  Members of the university are encouraged to use the system.  Reports will be submitted electronically, and the information obtained from them will be added to the secure Outreach Database.  The attachments to Dr. Merten's memo include samples of the report forms, instructions for using the system, and password directions for accessing the database.  If you have questions about contacts and events to report, call Traci Kendall, Community Relations Coordinator (38846); if you have suggestions concerning the reporting process, call Ida Jackson, Database Coordinator (38693).


IV.  Unfinished Business


There was no unfinished business.


V.  New Business


A.  Report from Cheryl Secrist, Chair of Staff Senate Advisory Committee, on the status of the creation of a Staff Senate at GMU

C. Secrist reported that a survey was sent to staff members and 25-30% replied and 96% of the respondents were in favor of the creation of a Staff Senate.  The Staff Senate Advisory Committee will be meeting with Dr. Scherrens and Dr. Merten within the month, and the hope is to have the first Staff Senate Meeting in May, 1999.  Progress on a Charter, By-laws and formation of the Staff Senate will continue, with early agenda items/goals to include:  staff/faculty relations; staff/student relations; compensation issues; and, the Staff establishing a voice recognized by the University community.


B.   Committee Reports


1.   Executive Committee

E. Elstun reported that the Committee finalized planning and arrangements for the Forum on General Education which takes place on Wednesday, February 3, from 3:00-4:30pm in the Front Multi-Purpose Room of the Johnson Center.  All faculty members are encouraged to attend the Forum which is being co-sponsored by the Faculty Senate and the Office of the Provost.

The Committee hopes to have some guidelines for the conferral of honorific titles ready for the February meeting.

The Committee also discussed the Forum on Criteria to determine when program elimination’s have a University-wide impact and decided the date for that Forum to be Tuesday, March 30, from 3:00-4:30pm.  Additional details regarding the Forum will be distributed as they become available.  Organization for the Forum is being headed by Provost Potter, D. Gantz, and D. Boileau.


Finally, at the February meeting, the Committee expects D. Rossell (Provost’s Office) to report on the number of  Post-Tenure Review cases at GMU.


2.   Academic Policies Committee

L. Bowen reported that the Committee will host a meeting on February 10, regarding the Resolution from the Student Government and Student Senate regarding the ROTC for credit issue.  The Committee will also be holding a meeting on February 17, to address the Academic Calendar and Martin L. King, Jr. holiday issues.  Members of the Committee would like to hear from interested faculty members and encourage participation on these issues.  The Committee hopes to have both of these items ready for Senate consideration at the March Faculty Senate meeting.  A major concern regarding the ROTC issue is faculty control over the teachers of the ROTC courses.


3.   Facilities and Support Services Committee

S. Zoltek reported that Janet Hale represented the Committee at the Mail Services Committee meeting at which the announcement for bids for mail services were discussed.  The Mail Services Committee is seeking information on specialty services which faculty might be interested in, such as special pick-ups, special international mailing, etc.  Please contact J. Hale (, before the next meeting of that Committee during the second week in February, with any comments or suggestions for the upcoming bids for mail services.

Next, the Committee continues its work in searching for a new bookstore provider for the Campus Bookstore. Finally, Stan Taylor has asked the Committee to help in the search for a new Chief of Police.  The job criteria are attached to these minutes as Attachment A.


 4.   Faculty Matters Committee

 E. Elstun reported for an ill E. Thorp, that the Committee is proceeding with their work on the Faculty Evaluation of Administrators and those evaluations will occur later this Spring.  The Committee is also working with the Academic Policies Committee on a shared item regarding faculty use of technology.


5.   Nominations Committee

L. Miller reported that there were two action items for this meeting.  The first item was to fill the Nominations Committee vacancy created by the departure of Anita Taylor for the remainder of the Academic year.  Since nominees for the Nominations Committee must come from the floor, L. Miller asked if there were any nominees.  Robert Ehrlich was nominated and there were no other nominations.  A motion to close the call for nominations was made and seconded and R. Ehrlich was elected to serve on the Nominations Committee.

The second action item was to fill a vacancy on the Non-Traditional, Interdisciplinary and Adult Learning (NIAL) Committee.  The nominee to replace the vacancy created by S. Shields resignation was Suzanne Carbonneau (IOA) and S. Carbonneau was elected to serve on the NIAL Committee.  Another nominee for the NIAL Committee should be presented at the February Senate Meeting.


6.   Organization & Operations Committee

E. Blaisten-Barojas reported that the O&O Committee met jointly with the NIAL Committee and built momentum for future meetings of the NIAL Committee.  The NIAL Committee had been reluctant to meet due to several Committee vacancies and the change in their charge.  The O&O Committee also plans to meet jointly with the Salary Study Committee as well to further progress of that Committee.

Also, the O&O Committee is considering the creation of a Senate Committee to establish and maintain a relationship with State Legislators.


C.   Other Reports


1.   Senate Liaisons to the Board of Visitors

A. Sofer and H. Tongren both reported on the BOV meetings.  A. Sofer reported on the December Meeting and H. Tongren on the January meeting.  The complete reports are attached to these minutes as Attachment B.


2.   Representatives of the Faculty Senate of Virginia

E. Elstun reported that the next meeting of the Faculty Senate of Virginia is February 20, at Virginia Commonwealth University.


3.   Senate Composition Task Force

A. Sofer reported that the Task Force is drafting a resolution and that the Senate can expect an action item in either February or March.


 4.   Faculty Senate Anniversary Committee

J. Metcalf reported that the Committee is planning festivities to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Faculty Senate at GMU.  The Committee consists of seven members, five of whom are heading specific initiatives.  J. Metcalf also reported that the Provost’s Office has committed to providing the necessary funding for this Committee’s event(s) and speakers.  Comments and suggestions for the Committee are welcomed, please contact a Committee member with any ideas or problems.  The members of the Committee and their primary initiatives are:

1. H. Tongren - selecting and coordinating the guest speaker.  A possible candidate for this is Senator Moynihan.  The target date for the speaker is Monday, April 5, at 1:30 pm in the Johnson Center.

2. H. Heclo - working with A. Sofer, to develop a website for the Anniversary.  Faculty statements on Academic issues are needed to promote interaction and debate.  All positions on any relative issue are welcome.

3. M. Deshmukh - heading the symposium/colloquium which is targeting Wednesday, April 21, which would have refreshments and discussion afterwards.  M. Deshmukh is inviting Senators with long-time participation in Faculty Senate, Senators from other Universities, and a Representative of the AAUP to discuss faculty governance.

4. J. Crockett - organizing the social events to complement each or many of these activities.

5. J. Metcalf - putting together a television mini-series for broadcast on GMU-TV interviewing Senators and other faculty members.  Faculty members interested in making a statement should contact J. Metcalf or another Committee member.

J. Fletcher and A. Taylor are the final members of the Committee.


VI.   Other New Business




VII.  Adjournment


The meeting was adjourned at 4:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Donald T. Gantz, Secretary

GMU Faculty Senate

Attachment A - Position Description for Director of University Police


George Mason University, a public University in the Commonwealth of Virginia, with an enrollment of 24,000 students on three campuses, is seeking a Director of University Police, responsible for a comprehensive law enforcement program across all campuses.  The Director will lead a department accredited by the CALEA with 48 sworn officers and additional security and support personnel.  Responsibilities include developing and directing comprehensive programs in law enforcement to ensure a safe and secure environment for living and working, consistent with the laws of the Commonwealth and policies of the University, developing budgets, allocating resources, managing personnel, representing the University as the law enforcement liaison with other law enforcement agencies, and directing security and traffic for special events.  Minimum

qualifications: Master's degree in a relevant field desirable, certification or eligibility for certification by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice, and progressively responsible law enforcement experience to include significant experience at the command level.  Experience in law enforcement in higher education is desirable.  Equivalent combinations of education, training, and experience may substitute for the stated qualifications.  Starting salary range $65-70,000/yr. plus comprehensive benefits package.  Interested individuals should submit a letter of application

and resume, no later than January 22, 1999, to:

Director of University Police Search

Human Resources


George Mason University

Fairfax, Virginia 22030


Attachment B - Reports of the Senate Liaisons to the Board of Visitors


The Board of Visitors will meet next on February 17, 1999.  Since the last Faculty Senate meeting, the Board of Visitors held two meetings (on December 16 and January 20), and a retreat (now called a planning conference).   Here are the highlights of the two open meetings:


In the December meeting, the Faculty and Academic Standards Committee heard a review by Dean Struppa of the  plans for general education currently in progress at GMU.  CAS has determined that general education at GMU should provide students with (a) a knowledge of the world they live in; (b) the ability to think critically and conceptually; (c) familiarity with different modes of inquiry; and (d) skills to continue their intellectual growth.  There are many ways to achieve these goals, and CAS is trying to structure a series of suggested paths  that would guide students in this regard.  CAS is also reviewing the existing requirements, including the foreign language and literature requirements.

The Committee also identified its top priorities.  These are (1) performance measures for the University;  (2) general education requirements and course offerings;  (3)  review of New Century College; (4) policy studies; (5) Prince William Campus.  Individual  committee members will devote time to  specific priorities;  The (Provost in consultation with the Deans and Directors) is establishing faculty committees for each of these five areas, and one or more Board members will act as liaisons to each committee. 

Finally the Committee heard a brief presentation from Senate Chair Esther Elstun, requesting the BOV to allow a faculty member to serve on the Board. 


At the meeting of the Student Affairs Committee, Vice Provost Wood reported on the agreement between his office and the Student Senate, concerning faculty teaching evaluations.  The six student-selected questions would be the six questions currently in use in the teaching evaluations.  The scores on these questions would be made available to the students, and would be accessible via the web from GMU computers.


The Committee also heard a review on surveys of student satisfaction.  Student satisfaction is an important issue that will be on the agenda in future meetings as well as in other discussion groups.


H. Tongren reported that in the January meeting, the Faculty and Academic Standards Committee confirmed faculty appointments and resignations, heard a presentation on Computational Statistics and is developing criteria for faculty evaluations for BOV use in the Fall.  The Student Affairs Committee examined a plan on high risk and illegal drinking, and reached the following: 1) GMU has a good program in place; 2) GMU has a low rate of high risk and illegal drinking on campus; and 3) GMU has examined and compared programs from other schools. The Committee voiced some opinions regarding specific items in the plan.

Board members will be meeting with student groups, identified by Student Government,  to try to identify the causes of student dissatisfaction at GMU.

The Board of Visitors identified 11 Board Priorities as follows:

LEGEND                                                                                                                COMMITTEES


A - Full BOV Work Session (with possible Comm. Support)                   EEO&AA  -  Affirmative Action

                                                                                                                                F&AS  -  Faculty & Academic Standards

B - BOV regular agenda following Comm. Preparation                            F&RD  -  Finance & Resource Development

                                                                                                                                LU&PF  -  Land Use & Physical Facilities

C - Committee action and report to BOV                                                   SA  -  Student Affairs


SUBJECT                                                                   CATEGORY      COMMITTEE         


BOV Participation in Strategic Planning                        A                            Exec

    (Mission, Vision, Goals, Strategies)


Spires of Excellence                                                        B                            F&AS

    Undergraduate Education (Core Curriculum)


    Law/Economics/Public Policy


BOV Involvement in Legislative Affairs                       B                               All


Board Liaison (Information & Support)                        C                               Exec


External Fundraising                                                      B                              F&RD

    Capital Campaign


GMU Foundation Relationship with BOV                    B                              F&RD


Marketing & Public Relations                                      A                               Exec


Student Life                                                                    B                                SA


    Orientation & Counseling


Curricula Review                                                           C                              F&AS

    Performance Measures

    New Century College


Law School                                                                     C                              F&AS

    Faculty Resources                                                                                      F&RD


Budgeting                                                                       A                              F&RD

    Explicit BOV approval (including interim Amendments)                         LU&PF

    Adequate time foe BOV review

    Review of each unit (inputs and outputs)

Further, the President listed several “priority events” are occurring in January/February, including the Council of Education meeting and special meetings with SCHEV.

The BOV approved the upgrade of the Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering Program to the Department of Civil, Environmental & Infrastructure Engineering.

Finally, the BOV voted not to take action on the Foundational Plan to Reduce Binge and Illegal Drinking.

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