George Mason University
Approved Minutes of the Faculty Senate
April 3, 2002

Senators Present: K. Avruch, J. Bennett, A. Berry, E. Blaisten-Barojas, D. Boileau, B. Brown, L. Brown, P. Buchanan, Y. D. Chung, R. Coffinberger, R. Conti, M. DeNys, M. Deshmukh, E. Elstun, J. High, D. Kuebrich, B. Manchester, C. Mattusch, R. Nadeau, L. Rockwood, J. Sanford, J. Scimecca, S. Slayden, A. Sofer, P. Stearns, P. Story, S. Trencher, S. Zoltek.

Senators Absent: W. M. Black, L. Bowen, R. Carty, S. Cheldelin, T. Chorvat, S. Cobb, S. deMonsabert, P. Feerick, D. Gantz, J. Gorrell, H. Gortner, M. Grady, L. Griffiths, K. Haynes, R. C. Jones, H. W. Jeong, R. Klimoski, A. Kolker, M. Krauss, A. Merten, J. Moore, H. Morgan, L. Powloski, W. Reeder, J. Kozlowski, S. Ruth, L. Seligmann, B. Smith, P. So, D. Struppa, B. Sturtevant, C. Sutton, C. Thomas, P. Wilkie, J. Zenelis

Chair, Don Boileau called the meeting to order at 3:05 pm.

The Faculty Senate will consider a motion from the previous meeting to combine the motion from the Executive Committee of the Senate and the motion from Bob Nadeau, Marion Deshmukh and Carol Mattusch. Don Boileau proposed to look at each item and accept amendments.

The first amendment was to change salaries to compensation in bullet 1.

The second amendment was to change bullet 2 to read as follows: That the percentage of contract faculty lines of the total full time FTE be reduced, in favor of an increased percentage of tenure/tenure track faculty lines.

An amendment to bullet 5 was made to add the following words after the word improve: “funding levels available for”

An amendment on p. 4 in Proposed revision was to remove the word “the” in the second line before the word excellence.

An amendment on p.8 last Proposed revision will read: “If the primary strength is teaching, there should be evidence that the candidate’s contributions have significance beyond the immediate classroom as theoretical or applied scholarship and that the candidate’s contributions are recognized by colleagues at other institutions in this country and, where applicable, abroad.”

Finally, the Faculty Senate’s Executive Committee would welcome an opportunity to discuss the Senate’s concerns and proposals with the ad hoc Committee of the BOV before its report to the full Board is finalized.

A motion was made to approve the revised document with the above amendments. The motion was approved and passed with one correction. This revised document will be sent to Tom Hennessy, Chief of Staff to the President, as a Senate document.

Respectfully submitted,
Lorraine Brown
Secretary, Faculty Senate

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