Senators Present:  Kristine Bell, Jim Bennett, Alok Berry, Deborah Boehm-Davis, Phillip Buchanan, Frieda Butler, Julie Christensen, Rick Coffinberger, Jose Cortina, Allison Frendak, Jeffrey Gorrell, Karen Hallows, Susan Hirsch, Dan Joyce, Matthew Karush, Jim Kozlowski, David Kuebrich, Linda Monson, Jean Moore, Ami Motro, Patricia Moyer-Packenham, Paula Petrik, Peter Pober, Jane Razeghi, Larry Rockwood, Jim Sanford, Joe Scimecca, Suzanne Slayden, Ilya Somin, Ray Sommer, Peter Stearns, Cliff Sutton, June Tangney, Ellen Todd, Susan Trencher, Phil Wiest, James Willett, Jennie Wu, Stanley Zoltek.


Senators Absent:  Ernest Barreto, Russ Brayley, Lorraine Brown, Jack Censer, Vikas Chandhoke, Sara Cobb, Lloyd Cohen, Warren Decker, Lloyd Griffiths, Kingsley Haynes, Mark Houck, Menas Kafatos, Richard Klimoski, Jane McDonald, Alan Merten, Daniel Polsby, William Reeder, Shirley Travis, Iosif Vaisman, Mary Williams, John Zenelis.


Visitors Present:  Kristen Bieling, Broadside; Mary Bramley, Student Senate; Marion Deshmukh, Associate Professor, History and Art History; Pat Donini, Deputy Director – Human Resources; Dolores Gomez-Moran, Ombudsman for Students; Linda Harber, Assistant Vice President – Human Resources; Robin Herron, Editor, Mason Gazette; Susan Jones, University Registrar; Sharon Kerr, Librarians’ Council; Donna Kidd, Assistant Vice President  – Budget and IRR; Marilyn Mobley, Associate Provost for Education Programs; Della Patrick, Staff Senate Liaison.


I.  Call to Order and Announcements: 

Chair Suzanne Slayden called the meeting to order at 3:01 p.m. and welcomed everyone to the first Faculty Senate meeting of the academic year.  Five new Senators:  Kristine Bell (IT&E), Frieda Butler (CHHS), Allison Frendak (SPP), Ray Sommer (SPP), and Jennie Wu (CHHS) were welcomed.  The new Chair pro tem is David Kuebrich, and Larry Rockwood will serve as Sergeant-At-Arms.  The parliamentarian position remains unfilled and requests were made for volunteers. As former parliamentarian, Suzanne Slayden is willing to train someone interested in learning the rudiments of parliamentary procedure.  Thanks also to the members of the Executive Committee (Jim Bennett, Rick Coffinberger, Jim Sanford, Cliff Sutton, and Susan Trencher) who continued to serve throughout the summer.  The Faculty Senate Office has moved to the Northeast Module, room 129.  Senators are reminded to initial the attendance sheet at the rear of the room. Visitors who choose to sign in on the visitor’s sheet provided, will be named in the minutes.


II.  Approval of the Minutes of April 19, 2006 and May 3, 2006:  The minutes were approved as distributed.


III.  Announcements

A.  Special Meeting on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 for consideration of a report from the Task Force on Salary Issues:  The meeting agenda will be sent out later this afternoon.  The report will be the only business transacted at the special meeting.

B.    Phi Beta Kappa – Marion Deshmukh

The process to initiate a Phi Beta Kappa chapter at George Mason University has begun again. The secretary of Phi Beta Kappa came to campus to provide information about the process and requirements.  If approved, a chapter here would be inaugurated in 2010; a three-year approval cycle.  All faculty are asked to contact new faculty hired since 2003 to identify those who are Phi Beta Kappa members.  The process includes the production of a general report and an on-site visit.  A recommendation is then made to the Phi Beta Kappa Senate/Council.  It was noted that this effort will be our third try for approval of a chapter at GMU.  A long history in which the issue of governance – autonomy from the BOV, political climate under previous governance, the amount of interference in faculty matters especially, was noted.  Last time (Fall 2004), cancellation of Michael Moore’s visit in a time proximate to the voting by Phi Beta Kappa raised questions already significant as part of general questioning about faculty governance.  Dr. Deshmukh reported that Phi Beta Kappa still receives letters about this incident which has now taken on the weight of academic lore.  Among changes in faculty governance since 2004, the election of faculty representatives to BOV committees as well as the expansion university facilities will be open for consideration.  Perennially optimistic, Professor Deshmukh noted that at least ten percent of the faculty in the colleges of science and arts must be Phi Beta Kappa members.  Undergraduates also become eligible to apply for fellowships sponsored by the program.  Dr. Deshmukh expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to address the senate on this issue. She thanked the Senate for allowing us to give an overview.


C.   Report of the President’s Council – Provost Stearns

The annual meeting overlapped a full day with the BOV session and included the presence of a few Senators.  The main theme revolved around making Mason a great university requiring a good deal of preparation on the part of staff in the provost’s office. The present Board of Visitors is solidly constructive in its desire to advance the university.  Results of the discussions of steps necessary for the “great University” initiative included need to clarify the gap in FTE funding between us and a great university; to give the BOV a renewed sense of their responsibility to get more funding from Richmond.  The Provost also expressed his belief that we can do a better job reporting to the BOV and ourselves, initiating major education improvements which do not hinge on large infusions of cash,  and other measures which do not push beyond the realm of the possible.  Criteria include the qualifications of entering freshman, diversity, faculty/student contact outside the classroom; to challenge ourselves to pay more attention to graduate programs, Phi Beta Kappa application process, etc.  Assessment on alumni first five years out must be done and is important to demonstrate the need to increase capacity to do this; an example of improvement not at great cost. 


D.   Eulogy for Mel Friedlander – Joe Scimecca

Mel Friedlander of Public and International Affairs died suddenly on August 18th while traveling with his wife in Portugal.  He taught at GMU since 1984, specializing in the Middle East. He was the author of two books: on Begin and Sadat, as well as general peacemaking in the Middle East.  He also worked for the Democratic National Committee and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).  Joe recalled Mel’s leadership of a small Tuesday-Thursday luncheon group (10-30 people); where he was always ready to talk about Middle Eastern policy.  Dr. Scimecca recalled Professor Friedlander’s comment when he briefed Donald Rumsfeld at DIA, to the effect that Mr. Rumsfeld did not listen to anyone.   A half-dozen or so undergraduate students attended Mel’s funeral, an unusual occurrence and testimony to his greatness as a teacher.  He will be missed.  GMU will never be the same without him.  A moment of silence was observed.


IV.  Old Business - None


V.  New Business – Committee Reports

A.  Senate Standing Committees

  1. Executive Committee – no report.
  2. Academic Policies – no report.
  3. Budget and Resources – no report.
  4. Faculty Matters – Jim Sanford:  The report of the 2006 Faculty Evaluation of Administrators survey is complete and is currently at Print Services for photocopying.  It will be distributed to faculty next week.  A total of 998 surveys were distributed and 383 were returned, a 38.4% response rate.  This rate is about two points less than last year’s.  However, the committee received only 12 anonymous surveys, i.e., completed forms from responders who neither indicated their names on the return envelope nor showed their IDs if they returned them in person.  Therefore, the usable response rate exceeded that of recent years.


The committee has received a request to follow up on the issue of reduced parking rates for adjunct faculty.


5.     Organization and Operations – no report.

6.     Nominations – Jim Bennett:  slate of nominations to be presented today after much arm-twisting.


B.  Other Committees

1.     Faculty Handbook Revision Committee – Rick Coffinberger

The committee continues to work hard and has met regularly over the summer.  We expect to meet three times/month this fall; our goal is to wrap up the task by the end of the semester (early January).

2.     Task Force on Salary Issues – Rick Coffinberger

Our second report will be presented a week from today (September 13th).  Procedures will be similar to the last report given at April 19th special meeting.  We have developed a set of “straw” recommendations and request your feedback; then will present recommendations at our October meeting, including some motions.


VI.  Other New Business

A.  Approval of Meeting Schedule for 2006-2007 Academic Year (Attachment A).  The schedule was approved.  The rector will also be invited to address the Senate. 


B.  Elections:  Nominations Chair Jim Bennett thanked the members of the committee (Mark Houck, Jim Kozlowski, Jane Razeghi, and Phil Wiest) for their hard work. 


1.     Election of the Secretary of the Senate

Nominee – Susan Trencher

No further nominations were made from the floor, the motion that nominations be closed was seconded and approved.  The nominee was elected unanimously by voice vote.


2.     Election of Members of Senate Standing Committees



Continuing Members:  Cliff Sutton, Peter Pober, James Willett

Nominees:  Julie Christensen, Dan Joyce



Continuing Members:  Rick Coffinberger, Phil Buchanan

Nominees:  Karen Hallows, Joe Scimecca, Ray Sommer



Continuing Members:  Patricia Moyer-Packenham, Jane Razeghi, Larry Rockwood

Nominees:  Warren Decker, Jim Sanford



Continuing Members:  Jim Bennett, Mark Houck, Phil Wiest

Nominees:  Must come from Senate floor



Continuing Members:  Ernest Barreto, Alok Berry

Nominees:  Lorraine Brown, Jean Moore, Susan Trencher


Jane Razeghi and Linda Monson were nominated from the floor to serve on the Nominations Committee.  No further nominations were made from the floor for any of the Senate Standing Committees.  A motion to close nominations was made and seconded and all nominees were elected by a unanimous voice vote “aye.”  The members of the Faculty Senate Standing Committees will meet at the conclusion of this meeting to elect a chair for each committee.


C.  Election of Members of University Standing Committees



Continuing Members:  Pamela Cangelosi, Julie Christensen, Michael Hurley (Provost Appointee), Peter Pober, Ellen Todd

Nominee:  Lloyd Cohen



Continuing Members:  Rose Brenkus, Dan Joyce, Eddie Tallent (Dean of Admissions appointee), Charles Thomas

Nominees:  Kelly Dunne, Ramon Planas



Continuing Members:  Bob Baker, Sharon deMonsabert, Gerald Hanweck

Nominees:  Linda Miller, Phil Wiest



Continuing Members:  Alok Berry, Jose Cortina, Harold Geller

Nominees:  Doris Bitler, Jane McDonald, Bob Smith



(two nominees must be Senators)

Continuing Members:  Lorraine Brown, Michelle Marks (Provost Appointee), Toni Travis

Nominees:  Deborah Boehm-Davis, David Kuebrich, Nance Lucas



Continuing Members:  Rose Cherubin, Laurie Fathe (Provost appointee), Jim Harvey, Susan Hirsch (Provost appointee), Jim Kozlowski, Christena Langley (Provost appointee), Marilyn Mobley (Associate Provost – Chair), Lolita O’Donnell, Cliff Sutton (Provost appointee), James Willett

Nominees:  Alok Berry, Peggy Feerick, Sheryl Friedley



(nominees may not be non-tenured, chairs, or administrators)

Continuing Member:  Ryszard Michalski

Nominees:  John Crockett, Cynthia Lont, Miriam Raskin, Joseph Reid



(nominees must be tenured or tenure-track faculty)

Continuing Members:  Amal Amireh, Wayne Froman, Jennie Wu

Nominees:  David Kravitz, Jim Metcalf



Continuing Members:  Jennifer Berger, Eugenia Verdaguer, Mary Williams

Nominees:  Jen-Eng Lin, Laurie Harmon



Continuing Members:  Josephine Evola (Equity Office appointee), Elyse Lehman (Provost appointee), John Miller, Don Seto

Nominee:  Kristine Bell



Continuing Members:  Ami Motro, Paula Petrik

Nominees:  Melissa Martin, Goodlet McDaniel (Provost appointee), Iosif Vaisman, Steven Weinberger, Stanley Zoltek



Continuing Members:  Tamara Maddox, Tom Owens, Ellen Rodgers, Terry Zawacki (Director of the WAC Program)

Nominees:  Susan Durham, Elavie Ndura, Beth Schneider, Andrew Wingfield, Stanley Zoltek


No further nominations were made from the floor for any of the University Standing Committees.  A motion to close nominations was made and seconded and all nominees were elected by a unanimous voice vote.  In a departure from past practice, Senators elected to University Standing Committees are

responsible to convene a meeting to elect a chair, as well as responsible for the submission of the annual report.


D.  Election of Members of other Faculty Representatives



Larry Rockwood



Peter Pober


Jason Kinser



Kevin McCrohan



Tomasz Arciszewski

Dan Cox

Sean Luke



John Crockett

Kenneth Hintz



Susanne Denham


No further nominations were made from the floor for any of the Faculty Representatives.  A motion to close nominations was made and seconded and all nominees were elected by a unanimous voice vote.


VII.  Remarks for the Good of the General Faculty

Faculty are encouraged to join the Faculty Arts Board.  Electrical power in Research I will be turned off for 8 hours, including backup emergency power.  An announcement will be sent regarding the opening of the Faculty Lounge – doughnuts are free.  Bagels and anything healthy must be brought in by individuals using the lounge.  Please email Susan Trencher ( with any concerns about the Lounge. 


VIII.  Adjournment

The meeting was adjourned at 3:42 p.m.


Respectfully submitted,

Susan Trencher





FOR AY 2006-2007


All Faculty Senate meetings take place on Wednesday afternoons at 3:00 p.m. in Robinson Hall, rm. B113


September 6, 2006


September 13, 2006: 

Special Called Meeting:  Report and Recommendations of the Faculty Task Force to Consider Salary Issues


October 18, 2006


November 1, 2006

President Merten to address Faculty Senate


November 29, 2006


January 24, 2007


February 21, 2007

March 7, 2007


April 4, 2007

President Merten to address Faculty Senate


May 2, 2007


May 9, 2007

(if necessary)