George W. Johnson Center

The first building of its kind on an American campus, the Johnson Center houses a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced library, a movie theater, a ballroom, a full-service restaurant, a food court, retail outlets, student organizations, offices, group meeting rooms, and three computer labs. The size of three football fields, the building serves as a community square where you can study, meet friends and faculty members to work on class projects, have a meal, see a movie, or shop for your mother's birthday gift.





The Johnson Center has quickly become an integral part of campus life and the hub for nontraditional learning opportunities.

New Century College (NCC) offers an active learning environment that integrates interdisciplinary knowledge with skills for the workplace and lifelong learning. Small groups of students interact with faculty members, engage in problem-solving and analytical thinking, as well as conduct independent study and research. NCC connects the classroom to the world by offering experiential learning in the form of internships, service learning, and study abroad. Collaborative work, an essential feature of the NCC degree program, prepares graduates for the demands of responsible citizenship and provides them with the foundations to meet their career objectives.

Linked Courses
Take an English composition class with a twist. The Linked Courses Program joins English 101, the required freshman-level composition class, with an introductory course in communication, government, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, psychology, or history. Linked Courses students report that such classes help them learn material in depth, encourage creativity, and enable them to develop a better sense of community.

Honors Program in General Education
The Honors Program in General Education provides highly qualified students with an integrated foundation for their future studies. Its challenging, interdisciplinary curriculum satisfies general education requirements for graduation while preparing students for work in their major. Through intensive discussion in small classes, students learn to probe the foundations of knowledge, develop new skills in addressing complex issues, and think independently, imaginatively, and ethically. The program seeks to develop a sense of intellectual community among its students and faculty members.

Admission is limited and competitive. Applicants are evaluated on the strength of their entire academic record and leadership qualities. Participation in the program leads to honors programs within undergraduate majors.

Center for Global Education: Thinking of studying abroad for a semester? The Center for Global Education (CGE) can help. Located in the Johnson Center, CGE offers a wide range of study abroad programs and services available to students.


Polaris and Aladin, the online library catalogs, give you access to the holdings of George Mason University, as well as the universities in the Washington Research Libraries Consortium. Polaris and Aladin are accessible throughout the library and from remote locations via MasonLink. As a member of the Virtual Library of Virginia, the university also has access, through the Internet, to the library holdings of six of Virginia's largest universities. Mason students have free borrowing privileges at such area universities as American, George Washington, and Marymount, as well as at the National Archives and the Library of Congress.

The Johnson Center Library is George Mason's main undergraduate research facility. It is one of the four libraries in the university library system; also included are Fenwick, Arlington Campus, and Prince William Campus Libraries.


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