General Aviation Support System

Providing a full range of services to the general aviation community.

The GASS team role is as a Product Developer pitching to key industry heavyweights for investment and further development.

About Our Project

Operational Concept:

Provide both recreational pilots and small scale commercial operations an integrated range of services similar to those provided by a commercial airline company through its operations center.


This integrated system will combine:

- Flight Planning Support (FPS)

- Real-Time Condition Monitoring (RACM) of both aircraft systems and the pilot

- In-Flight Support (IFS) for routine, advisory and safety-critical situations

- Aircraft capability trend monitoring, with maintenance advisory notification

- Pilot flight record maintenance


Services accessible remotely (away from aircraft) and from the aircraft cockpit


Target Market:


Civilian pilots and small business flight providers


Target Need:


An economic system that integrates convenience and safety features to streamline all aspects of flight operations and minimize loss of life and equipment.




Provide the notional structure for the General Aviation Support System, an integrated solution offering the following support:

                 Flight Planning

                 Pilot/Aircraft Monitoring and Tracking

                 Pilot/Aircraft Post-flight Record Analysis


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