This is the web site for the Biological Sensor Fusion project, a Masters Degree Final Project for the Spring 2008 OR 680 / SYST 798 Applications Seminar at George Mason University (GMU), taught by Dr. Kathryn Laskey.


The Biological Sensor Fusion Team seeks to explore protection mechanisms needed for Homeland Defense of the U.S. against biological terrorist attacks in heavily populated urban areas. Specifically, this project investigates the architecture, use and deployment of a robust biological sensor detection network in a major U.S. city, designed with fast communication and automated fusion of results for optimum response.

More information about this topic can be found in the team's Problem Statement.


The Biological Sensor Fusion Team purposely limited the project scope to the study of a biological terrorist attack in the city of Chicago, one of the ten largest cities in the world, with a population of more than 2.8 million citizens. The project includes developing the architectures, models, and system design necessary to detect and respond to such an attack.

Sponsor Organization

This project is sponsored by the Homeland Security and Military Transformation Lab in the Systems Engineering and Operations Research (SEOR) Department of the School of Information Technology and Engineering at GMU.

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