Project Role

For this project, Team Biometrics Enterprise Architecture takes on the role of a Systems Engineering team with a goal of assessing current biometric systems’ architecture as evidenced by ad-hoc, de-facto implementations across various enterprises and comparing that de-facto implementation with a prospective, modern and architecturally robust implementation.

Our Project Management Plan (PMP) and our Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) describe, in detail, our makeup, organization, and methods to arrive at the solution. Our team is working under the tutelage and mentorship of Dr. Thomas Speller as part of the SEOR 798/680 Systems Engineering and Operations Research Applied Project Course on behalf of the SEOR department within the Volgenau School of Information Technology and Engineering at GeorgeMasonUniversity. The team is organized as shown below and aims to provide a valid overall architectural alternative to that which is currently available for biometric systems when employed within an enterprise.