Systems Engineering Methodology

Our Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) describes the activities, processes, and tools for use by the Biometric Enterprise Architecture (BMEA) Systems Engineering team to support the analysis and design of BMEA.The objective of the Systems Engineering effort is to assure successful development of BMEA primarily by ensuring clear and accurate system requirements and verifying compliance of the system to those requirements. The BMEA system consists of the means to connect image requestors, suppliers (subjects), reviewers and adjudicators with the BMEA to introduce, search for, validate, enroll and ratify images and biographical information into BMEA for fusion of various image artifacts into a cohesive collective aggregate identity of an individual. The BMEA is set of image and biographical information storage, search and fusion capabilities for supporting the aggregate identity of individuals supporting identification functions within an enterprise. This SEMP is applicable to all Systems Engineering tasks to be performed in support of the BMEA project. The SEMP is placed under change control upon its initial release and is included at the link below.