Welcome to the Team Biometrics Enterprise Architecture Web site. Our goal is to provide you with useful information about our project that we hope makes it easier for you to understand the topic. Below are a few facts about our project that were used to shape the way we approached the problem and which were used as the basis for our solution.

  • Current biometric systems are generally inflexible and are not optimized for use within an enterprise.
  • Most biometric systems are monolithic, thick-client or standalone applications with very little ability to interface to enterprise management information systems (MISs).
  • While many biometric applications do offer some interoperability and integration points with and for established MISs such as PeopleSoft, SAS, Oracle and the like for personnel and accountability functions, the ability of such enterprise systems to collaborate across a diverse set of biometrics systems is limited as a result of the lack of standardization and enterprise architecture support amongst the various biometrics systems.
  • Likewise there is a distinct lack of robust architectural support within the security and legal domains when using biometrics in those business contexts evidenced by the significant investment in stovepipe biometrics systems.