Requirement: F.3 Power

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Description The OTEC system shall be capable of supplying 100 Megawatts (MW) of net power

Context ? Since the power output from an OTEC plant is a function of the temperature difference in the seasonal warm surface water and the deep cold ocean water, the gross power output will vary from high during the warm summer months and a lower output during the cooler winter months. Therefore, the output power of the plant will be the worst case during a one-year period or during cooler months.

Key Performance Parameter true
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Number F.3
Origin Operational
Paragraph Title Functional Requirements
Rationale Functional Requirement of the system based on the OTEC System functions.
Type Functional
basis of Function 0 Operate OTEC System
Function 2 Generate Power
documented by Document Requirements, Codes, Standards, and Regulations
refined by Requirement S.4 Generator
refines Requirement F.1 OTEC Process