Requirement: N.6 Survivability

Created Thursday, November 19, 2009 at 08:30:32 PM
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Description The OTEC plant shall be designed and constructed to “survive” a 100-year storm that Lagos could experience. Context? Because of the location and weather patterns, Nigeria doesn’t experience hurricane level storms or any earthquakes. A typical 100-year storm in the area is would result in land flooding and would have no impact on the OTEC system. The term “survive” implies that the plant will not be operational during a major tsunami but the system should be capable of being re-activated within four weeks of the storm’s conclusion following necessary repairs.
Key Performance Parameter false
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Number N.6
Origin Originating
Paragraph Title Non-Functional Requirements
Type nil
basis of Function 0 Operate OTEC System
Function 2 Generate Power
documented by Document Requirements, Codes, Standards, and Regulations
specifies Component 5 Fluid Pump
Component 8 Turbine
Component 9 Water Pump